Mockup monkey, breakpoints in Figma, AI-generated distrust

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“Universally, human beings understand the concept of death, which is the end of a person’s life. Across most cultures, special arrangements like a funeral are conducted. The deviation often lies in funeral customs and procedures. This is where it becomes interesting because, as civilization progresses, so too does the evolution of such practices. And as the medium shifts from oratory, to print, to broadcast, and currently to digital media, this is where UX comes into play with its own interpretations.”

Queen Elizabeth’s legacy: a guide on giving tribute with UX
By Darren Yeo

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AI-generated imagery
Never trust the internet again.
By Ari Joury, PhDThe curse of the Mockup Monkey
Designers, are you protected?
By Chris PokrzywaQualities of kindness
How might we build kinder products?
By Carien Moolman

What goes up must come down: an analysis of celebratory gunfire. →


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A Sr. Product Designer is part of a cross-functional team building & supporting an enterprise-scale design system, similar to the Carbon system used by IBM. By delivering matching tooling for designers and engineers we increase consistency and efficiency in product development across the org.

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Little gems this week

Tools not rules: a look at how we create and use brand systems
By Matt Owens

Frutiger: from a dot to the Paris airport
By Neel Dozome

What will our map look like for the future of climate change?
By Gavrilo Z.

Make me think

Individual point of view and collaboration
“In a world of easy access to multiplayer and real time collaboration, it’s easy to forget to establish your point of view. Developing your point of view and collaboration are both important. Make time to balance both and use them when they are most valuable.”Text is the universal interface
“This is the Unix philosophy: write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together. Write programs that handle text streams, because that is a universal interface.”Yes, accessibility is also a backend concern
“Backend developers wield a tremendous amount of power, as they help shape the underlying structure of what is and is not possible when creating a digital experience.”

Tools and resources

Powerful prototyping with code.Braun font
A new typeface, for a classic brand.Breakpoints in Figma
Testing and documenting responsive designs.

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