Braun & Iconwerk = Braun Linear

Braun has a new corporate typeface — Braun Linear.


Braun was a small machine shop in the 1920s, and in the 1960s, it evolved into a world-renowned brand for mass-consumer electrical appliances. Its development was driven by technical innovation, quality and outstanding industrial design. Today the company is part of PROCTER & GAMBLE CO.

Braun logo with a raised ‘A’ and rounded corners

Braun products have used a variety of fonts over the years, but Dieter Rams designed everything I’ve seen before.

He was a very minimalist industrial designer who believed that ‘good design is as little as possible. This was also reflected in his choice of corporate font: Akzidenz-Grotesk was predominantly used with lowercase letters.

Incidentally, there is also information that Otl Eicher initiated the use of Akzidenz by Braun in 1955. That’s when Otl, a former rector of the Ullam School, was hired along with a design team to update Braun’s corporate identity. But Dieter Rams was also part of that team.


Stefan Dallas, also known as Iconwerk, worked on the new font for Braun this time. He is also known for collaborating with big corporate clients such as Google, Disney, IKEA and Microsoft.

The new font is named Braun Linear because “It has minimal modulation in the line strength”. It was also developed by Ludwig Übele and Nina Sagra, prof. Oliver Graves and Renke Thye of the Braun design studio.

The design of Braun is based on the prices of the Ulm school. Stefan sees symbolism in his work:

“My typography professor Eckard Jung studied @ hfg ulm and learned from Otl Aicher. So, somehow a circle closes.”


The new font is sleek, helpful, friendly and modern. It enhances the way Braun communicates with consumers and partners.

The new font has large rounded corners that curve and blend beautifully with the straight lines.


What do you think of the new corporate font? Looking very good!

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