8 weeks roller-coaster revamp as a product design intern- Only Fun!

Answering them in the initial stages to add and eliminate
  1. A huge need for sorting the groups into communities to maintain a better sense of belongingness and engagement, and let the users with the same interests align with each other, further breaking the limitations i. e. just from product recommendations to more categories.
  2. Apparently, the onboarding was very lengthy and time-consuming, it was more of taking from the users than giving.
    On top of that mandating certain aspects made the experience go downhill
  3. With time the incentives deviated the desired user journey from ‘making better buying decisions through decisions’ to just using for earning, it became a cause for the suffering of users’ identity and this needed to be brought back but this time with a whole different concept
  4. Letting the users ask questions apparently was not as engaging, and there was a definite need for open space for the users with similar interests, to have discussions about the topics that align with their thought for a better experience and hence a better engagement.
I cannot disclose everything due to my non-disclosure agreement but here are glimpses of my work in bits.
It was not this fancy back then just white background and blue inks
glimpse of post ideation scenes
All positive! Trust me it took meetings to stick to this colour system
Final designs (I am keeping most of the things visual so that you don’t have to read a lotttt)
The last week was just about designing ads after the handoff for me and I enjoyed it so so much because I am always so eager to learn and know new things
New community reveal on Instagram

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