A Quarterly Preview of New Features

Product Talks: a quarterly, invite-only, mini-webinar for research teams. Listen in as our product and success teams demo new features, preview what’s next on the roadmap, and answer questions from the researcher community.

UI Product Talk #7: August 31, 2022

Product experts JH Forster, Carol Guest, and Paolo Appley walk through the latest news for Research Hub and Recruit.

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☝️ Build trust in the quality of your participants 

  • Easily report participants: while fraud overall is very low, we’ve added tools to strengthen your feedback.  
  • Better signal fraud: researchers now have a way to flag misrepresentation or inappropriate behavior prior, during, and after a session. 

⚡ Revamp the unmoderated research experience 

  • Set clear expectations: we’ve made task requirements more explicit, and researchers can now bring those right into emails. 
  • Be truly hands off: more context to each step means a more streamlined participant experience, and less monitoring for you. 
  • More integrations, less set up: we’ve partnered with Lookback and SurveyMonkey already, and have some exciting integrations with Typeform, Sprig, Qualtrics XM, and Loop11 coming soon.

🔎  Connect Researchers, Participants & ReOps through Hub

  • Manage on the organization level: you can now add other teams which have access to their own panel of users. This could be a different product line or persona, so each researcher has access to the very specific panel that they need to do research.
  • Configure your branding and communication settings: Team Admins can configure control email themes, email templates, and sender profiles, to guide researchers towards the best and safest options. 
  • Many options to build your panel: add participants from a number of sources – like CSV file, links to join, and individual direct adds. 

That’s it for Product Talk #7. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you back here next quarter!

UI Product Talk #6: May 25, 2022

Watch our product leaders JH Forster and Carol Guest walk through a dozen of our favorite new and upcoming features, plus provide an update on integrations, security, and accessibility. 

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♻️  Close the loop on projects & sessions within UI

  • Close a project in-app: Kick off the process to close a project once your study is over to prevent over-recruiting and keep your dashboard clean. Our team will automatically be prompted to review and complete the close process for you.
  • Report fraud in-app: If you suspect a participant in your study may be misrepresenting themself, you can now report them directly from the app. This will automatically prompt our team to investigate and speed up a resolution.

⚡  Streamline unmoderated user research

  • Task link call-to-action: We’ve introduced a “task link” field for unmoderated studies, which gets translated as a clear call-to-action for participants on confirmation screens and emails.
  • Lookback integration: When you connect accounts and link to a Lookback project, we will automatically display Lookback session data within User Interviews, so you’ll have easy access to your participants’ recordings and tasks.
  • SurveyMonkey integration (in progress): Coming soon: automatically track participants across UI and SurveyMonkey projects as they start, abandon or complete surveys.
  • Integrations roadmap (in exploration): We’re exploring future integrations with other popular survey and unmoderated testing tools. We want researchers to be able to set it and forget it, spending significantly less time and effort managing unmoderated projects than it does today.

🔎  Manage a panel of your own users with Hub

  • Hide & reorder columns: Hide, drag, and drop columns to create your own custom view of the participant table that shows only the user data that’s relevant to your study.
  • Opt-in form & participant source filtering: We’ve added two new filters to Hub — filter your entire panel by one or more opt-in forms, or filter by the first source through which they joined your panel such as CSV, opt-in form, project, or API.
  • View & edit user profiles: We’ve replaced the tiny blue icon with a clearer “view” button. Click into any user’s profile to view their past activity, edit participant information, or invite them to a project.
  • Hub API (in alpha): Our Hub API Alpha program is open for applications! Contact success@userinterviews.com to join. The Hub API can be used to delete participants across systems for GDPR, refresh participant profiles with recent data, and add new participants securely.

🚂  Set guardrails for researchers in your team

  • Default email settings (in progress): Admins can set communication guardrails for the whole research team with the ability to specify a default email theme. Coming soon: default template sets and sender profiles.
  • Invite limits (in progress): Admins can limit the number of participants that a researcher can invite to a study to keep the panel fresh. Limits are set as a multiple of the total number of requested participants.
  • Multiple teams in an org (in progress): We’re exploring new ways to give admins control over which participants different groups of researchers within their org are able to access.

🔐  Research with confidence knowing UI is secure & accessible

  • New security features: We’ve rolled out two-factor authentication to all researcher accounts and added ReCAPTCHA to opt-in forms. User Interviews has also recently completed a SOC 2 Type 1 audit.
  • Accessibility improvements (in progress): We’re making accessibility improvements to ensure all users have a good experience with our application. This includes ensuring pages are readable by screen readers and navigable by keyboard and touch inputs.

That’s it for Product Talk #6. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you back here next quarter!

UI Product Talk #5: February 24, 2022

We’re excited to share with you some early 2022 highlights and upcoming releases from our product team. These improvements cover various aspects of research recruitment — finding professional matches for B2B studies, building out your panel in Research Hub, reviewing participants faster, and integrating with tools you already use.

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👩‍🎓  Find more participants for B2B projects

  • Targeting seniority & skills: You can now specify seniority and skills to find closer professional matches for your B2B studies. Looking for managers who use Salesforce? Or business owners with project management experience? We’ve got you covered. 
  • Building a deeper panel of professionals: We’re launching a new participant referral program to grow our panel in highly-requested professional segments, for example software, IT, finance, and data professionals.

📈  Build a panel of your own users

  • CSV imports with fewer errors: 95% of all Hub participants are uploaded via CSV. We’re introducing better error handling on CSV imports to surface data issues earlier and give researchers clearer paths to resolve them.
  • Hub participant API: We’re working on an API that helps researchers to more easily keep their Hub panels up to date. Using the API, you can build custom integrations to automatically sync participant data between User Interviews and the internal or third party platforms you use.

⚡  Review participants faster

  • Profile overview featuring key criteria: Set your own key decision-making criteria when building your project, and we’ll make sure it’s highly visible during participant review. The new profile overview tab lets you identify at a glance if a participant meets your baseline requirements and key criteria, expediting review and recruitment decisions.
  • Take action immediately: Minimize scrolling through lengthy participant profiles. The new “sticky” footer houses the most common actions researchers take — instantly “Approve and Invite” a participant, mark them as “Not a Fit”, or else move on to the next profile.

🔗  Use research tools of your choice with integrations

  • Connect with participants via Google Meet: We’ve already got a Zoom integration. Now you can connect your Google Account to streamline the process of creating unique Google Meet links for your research sessions.
  • Testing tool exploration: This year, we’ll be introducing new integrations that enable you to use the research tools of your choice. We’re currently investigating which tools to integrate with, and an early focus will be on unmoderated testing tools.

That’s it for Product Talk #5. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you back here next quarter!

UI Product Talk #4: November 18, 2021

In our final Product Talk of 2021, we’re excited to share with you our five favorite product updates that have recently shipped. These are some of the most-requested features from researchers looking to streamline their recruitment workflow. In fact, many of you contributed insights and feedback throughout the development process, so we hope you’re as excited as we are to see them come to life in the product.

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🗒️ Read on for a summary

⚡ Faster participant review

  • Filters: Find your best-fit participants, fast. Apply one or more filters to your participant queue to quickly and precisely seek out the participants you most want to talk to. Combine any number of characteristics and screener questions to meet your participant recruitment goals — as specific as they may be.
  • Previous/Next: Stay in the review flow. Navigate between participants profiles using previous/next buttons to consider more participants in less time.
  • Scannable Profiles: Make a quick assessment on fit. Improvements to profile readability make it easier to see at a glance whether a participant meets your key criteria.

👩🏼‍💼 Improved B2B matching

  • Structured job titles: Structured data results in better matches. Researchers and participants are now selecting from the same set of job titles, meaning you can better target professional personas for your B2B studies.
  • Professional targeting options: The ability to target participants by job level is right around the corner. Skills, occupation groups, and other professional characteristics are in active discovery.

🛡️ Enhanced fraud detection

  • Preventative checks: Fraud on our platform is rare, and we’re working to make it even rarer. We’ve implemented preventative checks to quickly spot misrepresentation and suspicious accounts, to ensure our participant pool remains high quality.

✉️ Better response rates to Hub invites

  • Email metrics: Have you ever hit send on an invitation and felt like your email has entered a black hole? Not anymore! With new email metrics available for Hub projects, you have visibility and control over email performance.
  • Resend invitations: A natural follow-on from metrics, you can now send follow-up invites. Optimize subject lines and email copy to improve response rates the second time round.

🔒 Easier compliance with privacy regulations

  • Data consent notices: Researchers care about handling personal data in compliant ways. With our new DCN editor, you can customize your consent notice, apply text formatting, and link out to a more detailed privacy policy.
  • Include a footer: Have more privacy information to share? Make it easily accessible to participants with the new option of adding a custom footer to all participant-facing pages.

Fresh from our company retreat, we also wanted to give you a sneak peek of some bigger things we’re scoping for 2022 that we think will help researchers scale their work and impact.

🎉 2022 Sneak Peek

  • Integrations: One of the most frequent questions we get is, “When are you integrating with [insert testing tool of choice]?”. Well, we’re excited to share that integrations are on the roadmap for 2022 and the primary focus for Logistics pod. We care deeply about making the recruiting workflow easy, which includes simpler ways for researchers to plug and play with their preferred tools and methodologies.
  • Team Enablement: Research is a team sport. As we onboard larger teams and their volume of research increases, new needs and opportunities emerge. We’ll be expanding the product team and creating a new pod to ensure that the experience scales well for our largest, most active customers.

And of course, we’ll continue our focus on the enduring outcomes of our other two pods. As a reminder:

  • Matching pod is tackling marketplace health and the opportunity of how to best balance supply and demand.
  • Hub pod is driving toward better awareness and adoption of Hub, and an awesome product experience once folks get there.

That’s it for Product Talk #4. See you in 2022 for more product highlights!

UI Product Talk #3: August 26, 2021

In our third quarterly Product Talk, we looked at recent updates and iterations to features like screener survey skip logic, adding sessions to your calendar (for participants), opt-in form customization, and more.

But first, we offered a quick peek into how User Interviews approaches product development, and what that means for the roadmap:

How we approach product development

  • Organizing around outcomes
  • Using pods 🐬 for a user-focused, research-driven, iterative approach

The Matching pod

  • 🔦 Focus: Finding the right participants for every research project
  • ✅ Launched: Preview screener survey logic; progressive new participant onboarding flow (= richer data); updated “Browse Studies” page for participants
  • 📆 Upcoming: Improvements to data collection and more effective participant engagement

The Logistics pod

  • 🔦 Focus: Make reviewing, vetting, and scheduling participants a seamless experience
  • ✅ Launched: Participants can add sessions to their calendars; participant match score
  • 📆 Upcoming:  Calendar syncing for participants; advanced participant filters—filter by screener questions and characteristics

The Hub pod

  • 🔦 Focus: Creating the best solution for conducting research with your own user base
  • ✅ Launched: Opt-in form customization; alpha version of participant data management API for GDPR compliance
  • 📆 Upcoming: View email engagement statistics; (exploring) invited participant follow-up

UI Product Talk #2: May 27, 2021

We started our second Talk with big news—we recently raised $10M in our series A, and have since grown our product and engineering teams to start releasing more features, faster. We’re also investing in our site infrastructure to improve performance & delivery. Our product team has a lot of big builds coming, and would love your feedback.

We reviewed recently launched features like the new project builder, and highlighted new functionality to beloved features like Document Signing, Email Themes, Email Template Sets, Opt-in forms, and and the Hub participants table.

We gave a sneak peek into features our team is currently building, including:

Make launching a project easier

  • Previewing screeners and testing skip logic in the project builder
  • Updates to the Characteristics section of the project builder

Help participants get matched to more relevant studies

  • A new studies page experience for participants
  • A redesigned participant sign-up flow that should should boost
  • Improvements in efficiency of our behind the scenes participant targeting system

Reduce no-shows

  • Making it easier for participants to add confirmed sessions to their calendar

Better support organizations with many researchers

  • Allow researchers to organize into teams within the same organization

UI Product Talk #1: February 25, 2021

In the first ever Talk, we reviewed our recently launched Zoom integration, Document Signing feature, and our newest Hub features—Invite Rules, Email Themes, and Email Templates. We also looked forward to launching our new project builder, supporting multiple teams in an organization, improving our participant matching, and improving our site’s accessibility.

Read the full article here

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