How to Enable More Effective Collaboration Between Product and User Research Teams

Researchers and product teams both share a common goal: to understand the user. 

While researchers want to dial into user motivations and habits, product managers look to build applications and tools that improve the user experience. Though the end goal is the same, each of these departments have wildly different approaches and motivations to reach it—which can result in challenges and organizational silos. 

In this webinar, Roberta Dombrowski, VP of User Research at User Interviews, Morgan Mullen, UX Researcher at User Interviews, and Matthieu Dixte, Product Researcher at Maze share their thoughts on how best to empower your team through effective collaboration. In this discussion you’ll learn: 

  • Why democratized research is important 
  • How organizations can find the right resources and designate various roles in democratization 
  • How researchers can enable product teams to pick the right research methods and do high-quality research 
  • Tips and tricks for product teams to use research to make decisions 

While many non-research teams already do research on their own, research is a skill that takes years to master. That’s where UXR-led enablement comes in. 

Empowering product teams and other departments with the right resources and processes is key to gathering user insights at scale. Many organizations looking to put democratization into practice run into the question: How do we implement this? View the slides or watch the webinar recording below to start improving cross-functional collaboration with user insights.

Watch the live session recording

View the session slides

📌 Download the slides as a PDF!

If you found this webinar helpful you might also be interested in “Scaling Research Through Enablement: A UXR Leader’s Approach to Democratization 2.0” — a look at User Interviews’s approach to creating scalable structures and processes across product and research teams. Another great resource is Maze’s “Democratizing Research” playbook, including strategies on how to build a learning muscle in your organization with insights from 30+ UX leaders.

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