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I am sharing one topic or lesson each day on Twitter.

A digital application’s visual appearance is created through UI design.

There are many reasons why the UI design industry has grown so significantly over the past ten years.

First off, there needs to be someone to design all of this new UI because mobile apps have become so popular!

Second, as devices grow more capable overall, more engaging user interface (UI) interactions like touch and pressure sensitivity become possible.

Professionals and amateurs alike will be able to create unique, colorful, and compelling digital apps with UI design skills.

UI design expertise will enable professionals to communicate with large audiences swiftly and effectively.

Designing user interfaces is enjoyable as well. Nothing compares to the sense of achievement that comes from resolving interface issues. And it’s quite magical when you see someone utilizing your interface in action.

This field can be incredibly difficult as well. It’s up to us designers to stay on top of trends because things can change quickly.

Excellent designers are keenly aware of the frequent emergence of new platforms, patterns, and technologies. They are never afraid to experiment with new technology or create designs for them.

Pushing pixels around on the screen is only one aspect of being a user interface designer. It involves accepting the design process. It involves attempting something, evaluating it, and then improving it until you have identified the ideal answer to the issue.

It’s time for the main part now that you are aware of the benefits of learning UI design.

The course begins with a primer on user interface design before advancing your knowledge through lessons on wireframing, UI components, color theory, typography, and even how to utilize Boolean operations to construct shapes.

You’ll actually build user interfaces in the browser because the course is a mix of lectures and interactive coding assignments. Therefore, you must have a foundational knowledge of HTML and CSS before enrolling.

On Twitter, I have started a thread for the “Learn UI Design Series”, and I am going to share one topic or lesson each day for the next 66 days.

Content Overview:

  • Day 1–12: Color
  • Day 13–24: Typography
  • Day 25–33: Grid
  • Day 34–39: Alignment
  • Day 40–48: Contrast
  • Day 49- 54: Imagery
  • Day 55-66: UI Principles

Also, after 66 days, I am combining all the 66-day posts into one small eBook and giving it away free of charge ($0) to all in December this year.

So stay tuned and follow me on Twitter for quick and insightful design tweets.

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