M-Tix UX Research Case Study

This is a study case based on M-Tix, a movie ticketing app in Indonesia. This research explores user experience when using M-Tix. We want to know about user’s pain points and needs, and also provide recommendations for M-Tix’s services improvements.

M-Tix is an online movie ticket purchase application at the Cinema XXI. Not just for booking movie tickets online, there is M-food to buy food at the cinema. In this app, users can check movie schedules, view trailers, and order movie tickets easily.

Current version: 5.1.9

Latest update: 5 Sep 2022

Reynaldo Heradi Kurniawan — UX Researcher

Zahra Nur Anzani — UX Researcher

2 weeks

– Understand users’ behavior when they use M-Tix.

– Understand users’ pain points when they use M-Tix services.

– Understand users’ needs that haven’t been fulfilled by the M-Tix services.

– Understand users’ motivations when they use M-Tix.

– Understand the competitor and what the improvements are for M-Tix services.

– Raise customer awareness.

– Grow income.

In general, the participants are men and women, 20–30 years old. The participants love to watch a movie at the cinema and order tickets through a movie ticketing application.

We choose 6 respondents for this project with 2 different types. First, active M-Tix users. This type of participants use M-Tix more than other movie ticketing applications, especially in 2022. Second, non-active M-Tix users. Non M-Tix users refer to other movie ticketing app users, such as Tix ID.

We do an in depth interview to find out the user’s behavior, pain points, needs, and motivations when using M-Tix. Also, we do competitor analysis to compare M-Tix and another movie ticketing app, Tix ID. As a result, suggestions and recommendations will be provided.

We did an in depth interview with 3 active M-Tix users. Our goal was to know their behavior, needs, frustrations, and motivations when using M-Tix. Besides that, we did an interview with non-active M-Tix users, which is 3 Tix ID users.

After the interview, we obtained all the user’s information with an affinity diagram. This method helps us to classify and analyze user’s behavior, pain points, needs, and motivations.

Empathy Map

User Journey Map

Based on the customer journey map that can be obtained, we can find out the poin points from the user:

  • The minimum top up is so high (minimum IDR100.000).
  • Limited payment methods.
  • The app does not automatically detect the user’s location.
  • Users can’t add more tickets when they choose the seat.
  • There’s no redirect feature from the voucher to the selected movie.

In the competitor analysis, we do a 1 on 1 interview about another movie ticketing app, which is Tix ID. Here are some of our findings:

  • It is easier to find where my ticket is in competitor’s app
  • “Playing” and “Upcoming” are merged into one homepage in a competitor’s app so it’s more simple.
  • Competitor’s app doesn’t have Food Ordering feature
  • MTIX users cannot directly add tickets when in the seat selection page.
  • Competitor’s app has the ability to directly topup the preferred payment method.
  • Competitor’s app has a CTA button inside their banner.
  • In the competitor movie ticketing app, users do not like the admin fee because it is too expensive.
  • Users just use DANA as their payment method when buying the ticket.
  • Unfortunately, users can’t order tickets in the app for movies that will be starting in less than 1 hour.
  • Also, in the competitor movie ticketing app, users do not like the seat discrepancy between the app and real time, so users do not feel safe.
  • Users need to use their TIX ID points when they buy the ticket.
  • Users expect to have more general payment options, not just DANA.
  • Users need a less expensive admin fee because the fee per ticket is too expensive.
  • Users use TIX ID because it is easy to use with clear UI/UX.
  • Users stay with TIX ID because it just works without problems.

Through the Eisenhower decision matrix, we classify the problems based on the urgency and importance. Here are some recommendations for the M-Tix app.

High Importance — High Urgency

  • Add more e-wallet options.

The only available e-wallet on MTIX is Sakuku. Users tend to stick to their preferred payment method. Adding more e-wallet options can prevent users from canceling their payment.

  • Decrease minimum top up value.

Users have a problem with the minimum top up value of MTIX Point. High minimum top up value of MTIX point can cause users to cancel their payment. Decreasing minimum top up value can lead more users to use MTIX Point and the company will profit more from the admin fee from users who top up more often.

High Urgency — Low Importance

  • Add a button to top up in the checkout page.

Some users are confused about how to top up their MTIX Points once they realize their balance is not enough to pay for their ticket. Adding a top up button in the checkout page will make the top up process easier.

  • Add a redirect feature from the voucher to the selected movie.

When viewing movie vouchers, there is no CTA button so the user must enter the voucher on the checkout page. To be more effective and efficient, vouchers can be added by a CTA button so that users can directly go to the movie page and use the voucher.

  • Add a feature to add more tickets as we choose seats.

Users have a problem where they need to go back when they want to add more tickets to reserve once they are on the “select seat” page. Adding a feature to add more tickets will help users to complete their task efficiently.

  • Fix nearest location feature.

When opening the application, the user does not need to search for a location and can directly select a movie comfortably. If the user does not see this feature for the first time, the user who has selected the movie schedule must return to the homepage to find the location.

  • Give information about active tickets on the home screen.

Users are having a hard time to find their active ticket. By giving information on the home screen about their active ticket will help users to find, select, and scan their ticket in the theater.

  • Add more promos, such as give bundle packages notification.

In addition to movie promos, M-Tix can use M-Food to increase ticket sales. A pop up or notification of a bundle package purchase of tickets and M-Food can make users more interested in watching because there are benefits to be gained. This is also one way to increase awareness and gain income.

High Importance — Low Urgency

  • Remove the “playing at” button on the movie details page.

On the movie details page, there are “playing at” and “buy tickets” buttons. The contents of the two buttons are the same, which shows the schedule and location of the cinema. If the “playing at” button is removed, users can still order tickets easily because they know the location and can immediately order them.

Movie rating on IMDB or previous viewers can be a user reference in watching movies. Users who will watch are more confident in watching movies because they see “evidence” from users who have watched the movie.

  • Add more information in the home banner.

Home banners not only present information, but can direct the user directly to the page. For example the use of CTA “order now” when promoting the M-Food menu in the home banner.

Some of the users said that the M-Tix app has a bad user interface. Compared to some competitor apps like TIX ID, CGV, etc, MTix has an outdated user interface. Having a visual update or a revamp will help M-Tix to reach new audiences and keep users from moving to other applications.

  • Add VA number copy feature.

Users are having a hard time typing their VA number to their mbanking app. This simple feature will help users to top up their M-Tix Point that will lead to a purchase.

Low Urgency — Low Important

  • Add a change display picture feature.

Some users who like to personalize their applications want a feature to change the display picture.

  • Add description for the QR feature.

Some users are confused about the use of the QR button on the M-Food page. Giving a little informational copy will help users understand this feature.

  • Clearly classify the problem in the actionable plan matrix.
  • Build up efficient teamwork and collaboration.
  • Balancing between user needs and business needs.
  • Empathize with the user.

Thank you for staying with us! Any input and criticism will be very helpful for us. And maybe 50 claps will help us to stay motivated 😁

Reynaldo Heradi Kurniawan

Zahra Nur Anzani

Read the full article here

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