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Hello Medium, guess who’s back? it’s me

Misk academy Bootcamp, Week 3, Project 2 here we gooo!

Project Aim

The project aim was to design a microsite that offers a unique experience to a specific group of users for a local retailer.


aka my teammates: Rawanriri, Renad, Abdullah Alsayyari, and Essam Khashoggi.

Our Client

is Vintage.cups an independent Instagram store based in Saudi Arabia. It is registered in maarouf and has amassed 27.4K followers on their IG page. Their products range from antique tea-sets to unique decorative ornaments globally imported for antique fans.

Okay, let’s get down to business!

in order to empathize We conducted both user research and business research.

User research: after performing a screener survey, we interviewed 13 users and our major focus was on users who have experience in buying vintage products online and in-store.

We started by asking them about their overall experience in buying vintage products, what do they enjoy the most and what do they hate the most regarding that process, we also asked them about how they trust an account before buying a vintage product from it, and to suggest to us some vintage items retailers, they think provide such a pleasurable shopping experience.

Any patterns? ya for sure

Affinity Mapping


we created a persona by combining similar user needs, motivations, habits and pain points.

Our Persona

Business research:

beside user interview, we also use Competitor Analysis to identify main competitor similar to vintage.cups and to know the competitor’s related features.

We conclude that

most of the users allocates extensive hours to vintage shopping, a lot of them face challenges when it comes to find a fair-priced vintage items and a trusted source for vintage shopping.

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