A Framework for Continuous Research

When you’re just starting out, qualitative user research can sometimes feel like a white canvas. Where to begin? What questions to ask? Even once you have an established research program in place, it can be difficult to keep up with evolving customer needs and to know which projects to prioritize.

The key is finding a way to do user research—continuously, and efficiently.

Leveraging research methods like contextual surveys can provide a jumping-off point for in-depth, moderated research and help validate what you are hearing in sessions. The result is a continuous loop of insights that fuel each other and help you prioritize the right questions.

In this webinar recording, our Senior Product Manager, Paolo Appley, and Sprig’s Staff User Researcher, Allison Dickin, will teach you how to:

  • Use in-context surveys to proactively surface emerging themes
  • Recruit users to a participant panel for ongoing research
  • Make the most of your moderated sessions
  • Validate qualitative insights with larger sample sizes

View the slides or watch the live session recording below.

Watch the live session recording

Read the session slides

About the session hosts

Paolo Appley, Senior Product Manager at User Interviews

I help companies build successful software products and, in the process, become better product organizations. I care about the teams and people I work with, and encourage everyone to participate in the discovery and delivery of the products we work on.

Allison Dickins, Staff User Researcher at Sprig

I’ve built and led research teams throughout my career, but I still love digging in and running my own research. While my experience leans quantitative, I’m no stranger to qualitative methods and I’ve managed specialists in both.

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