Finding a User Research Model to Support Your Org

‘Democratization’ is one of the hottest topics in user research today. 

Although research democratization—or the distribution of research across teams—isn’t a new concept, new approaches to democratization are still budding across organizations. The conversation has shifted from whether to democratize, to how and how much. 

This panel features User Interviews’s Senior VP of Growth & Marketing, Erin May; User Interviews’s VP of User Research, Roberta Dombrowski; Drift’s Research Lead, Laura Oxenfeld; and Vimeo’s Director of Consumer Analytics & Research, Brooke Hinton. 

Hear them talk about different approaches to holding on to (and letting go of) control of UX research in an organization, including:

  • Pros and cons of different approaches
  • Lessons learned the hard way
  • How to think about a model that works for your organization

Watch the live panel recording

Looking for more takes on research democratization?

It’s a hot topic for a reason. If you’d like to continue exploring industry perspectives and tips about democratization, here are some other resources you might enjoy:

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