The Luddites Guide to the Future – How Technology Like Synthetic Media Bypasses Opposition – Video

Brandon Kaplan, CEO of Skilled Creative and a founder at Journey, recently decided to look at synthetic media from a different perspective. Skilled Creative has analyzed the adoption of a variety of technologies and the resistance many of them faced. The rise of newspapers, trains, photography, voice assistants, and synthetic media all encountered similar resistance. There is even a term for this: Technopanic.

However, a more familiar term refers to the people that resist and obstruct access to new technology. When Kaplan decided to ask GPT-3 to help write his presentation, the large language model settled on that term and focused on the story of the Luddites. In a nice twist, Brandon takes that GPT-3 output and has a virtual human deliver the information, which you will see in the video below. The history will be interesting to anyone that appreciates recurring patterns in culture.

Practical Applications of Synthetic Media

Kaplan also walks through innovation taking place in text-to-image and video generators and how that can be used to augment existing activities. For example, Skilled Creative has used AI-based text-to-image generators to create mood board ideas for client work and introduced the technology into some projects.

He expects product innovation teams will begin using a variety of synthetic media tools as a standard practice in production and even make that use known to consumers. In fact, there are already examples of this, and it is likely to become more widespread.

More Videos on Synthetic Media

You can learn more about synthetic media from other speakers at the Synthedia Conference. You can find those videos in Voicebot’s YouTube channel synthetic media playlist. If you would like to have the top news and analysis about synthetic media sent directly in your inbox each day, sign up for the Synthedia newsletter.

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