[UI/UX Case Study: E-Learning Apps]

Someone to reach professional workers do debriefing before starting it. Most of them are of productive age, namely 18–55 years who work more than 40 hours a week.The online learning system has long been carried out by the education system abroad with the existence of distant classes or education abroad so that students can continue to learn even though it is not done face-to-face.

  1. Find out how make responsive & user friendly when the user using our UI design course.
  2. Find out how users can be motivated to learn in our courses
  3. analyze and Identify how to improve unsatisfactory service
  4. Find out the font used when determining the type and size for use in the UI Design Course of Duonine Learning.

My role as a UI/UX Designer collaborating with 3 Team Members, Farid Ajie Syahputra, Intan Octano & 20-106 Dara Fadilah. In this group, my responsibilities are

  1. Group leader.
  2. Doing research for user needs.
  3. Remind the team of their respective responsibilities.
  4. make decisions based on the opinion of group members.
  5. Help and create in directing the process of making Userflow, Wireframe, UI Design, Prototype that is responsive and user-friendly.
  6. Always directing what to do to the next according the goals.
Design Thinking Method

Empathize(Secondary Research)

At this time, motivation in interest in learning is very low. And many adults and above have difficulty using the application because it is too complicated to use.

Competitor Analysis


As part of the design thinking process, we define users, needs and insights based on the Empathize (secondary research) that has been obtained.

Pain Point
  1. How can we build an impression on the target user through the fonts we use?
  2. How can we increase engagement in its services?
  3. How can we make interesting color compositions?
How Might We


Duonine is an application that helps prospective professional workers who are studying to prepare digital talents in Indonesia. Users will be able to choose commitments and exercises on available courses and can be practiced according to user courses. To keep users motivated, they earn points when doing exercises and can exchange their points for vouchers or even when you want to buy, you can exchange these points at the payment stage.

  1. Solution Idea: Group brainstorming results
  2. Prioritization Idea: Prioritize what’s important of solution idea
Solution Idea
Prioritization Idea


Before creating a high fidelity prototype, we created a high fi userflow and wireframe as well as a UI Design. Based on the task flow, we describe all the flows together. At this stage, we also get in-depth feedback or criticism and suggestions from our friends.

  1. Userflow
Design System
UI Design
Duonine Learning App Prototype

Test (User Research to User)

  • Research Objective
  • User Criteria
  • Introduce to User
  • Question List
  • Scenario Research
  • Usability Metric
Stimulus Reseaarch

Duonine Learning is a technology education application that specifically helps professional workers in providing learning courses for those who are ready to find their desired job. The Main task for goals of this project was to increase app revenue in terms of user-friendly interface, easy-to-use platform. For the purpose of the app, I got the results that have been done in the form of empathize (secondary research & competitor analysis), brainstorming with related groups define (pain point & how might we), Ideate (Solution idea, Prioritization Idea), Prototyping (Userflow, Wireframe, System Design, UI Design, Prototyping) and test the user with the in depth interview method (Stimulus research & record data).for the next project if there is a chance I want to improve the appearance by paying attention to its functional and responsiveness according to the target user.

After going through the design process, we found solutions for application development by generating the problem given by the user as follows:

  1. Create page or feature about the app (Solution: by adding several pages and features supporting user needs)
  2. Lack of information regarding course details (Solution: Add the course details)
  3. Less service for payment method (Solution: add the service of payment method)
  4. Move between “history” (navigation bar) with “progress tracking” to navigation bar (solution : reconsider from the problem)

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