Designing a tech diet


“Our relationship with technology is becoming increasingly characterized by dependency, regret, and loss of control.”

FOMO or “fear of missing out” is probably the number one driving psychological characteristic that dictates how we use digital products. With apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Netflix, we’re seeing a continuous stream of content being fed to us on our feed. We’re given recommendations to keep us hooked for longer and longer until we’ve realized the 10-minute work break has turned into 30 minutes of mindless scrolling. 

The world needs a tech diet; here’s how designers can help:

  1. Set solid design principles
  2. Choose respectful design patterns
  3. Run better user research
  4. Challenge default metrics
  5. Anticipate unhealthy behaviors
  6. Convince your C-levels
  7. Spread healthier habits at work
  8. Engage beyond panels
  9. Design your own tech diet
  10. Hold other companies accountable


Is anyone doing any validation or beta testing this week? 😂


“Every object tells a story if you know how to read it.”

– Henry Ford 


Over 2,000 websites from 1991 to 2006 have been selected and sorted for you to (re)discover old web design trends. They also have videos of old flash sites! (Does that even exist anymore?!)


Charli Cheung shares her story of why she quit her Senior UX Design job. This video is such a great watch because she is so genuine in sharing what was happening in her role that lead her to quit. Sometimes even if we love designing, we need to take time to reflect on what it is that keeps up motivated each day. 


If you’re looking to enter or try something new in the field and UX, this article shares what the responsibilities are for each job, what skills are needed for the role, where the role comes from, and of course, how much they make. This is a great read to consider a niche or develop more depth is a certain area of UX. Here are the roles: 

  1. UX Researcher
  2. UX Writer
  3. UX Designer
  4. UI Designer


This week, instead of spotlighting a single book, here’s a list of books and how they can help you grasp a better understanding of product management. 


These are some of the tools that you should be familiar with as a designer. 

Essential UX design tools

  1. Figma
  2. Adobe xD
  3. Sketch

UX wireframing tools

  2. Lucidchart
  3. Mockflow

UX prototyping tools

  1. Framer
  2. JustinMind

Read the full article here

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