UX Case Study — Redesign WebApp Waste4Change

  • Job Role : In working on this project, from the beginning we worked on it together and divided the tasks evenly from the design process to the prototyping.
  • Time period : 8 weeks (August — September 2022)
  • Tools : Figma, Figjam, Google Docs, Google Spreedsheet, Discord, Maze
  1. Emphatize — At this stage, the user case study is deepened and studied the flow of the Waste4Change system. The purpose of this stage is to assist the designer in finding out the views & needs of the target user with research before defining the problem statement and making ideation.
  2. Define — At this stage, it is done by defining user problems from the results of Empathy and making How-Might We as an opportunity.
pain point
Affinity Diagram
Design System
UI Design
High-Fidelity Design
  • Age 25–40 years old (both male and or female)
  • Productive / busy daily life
  • aware with environment issues
  • Do not have to be used to manage waste
Result : Login
Result : Send Your Waste
Result : Transaction
  • implement more effective flow design
  • set menu hierarchy and a more minimalistic appearance
  • integrate and clarify the setting of the amount of shipping volume

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