Visual Notes for “Just Enough Research” by Erika Hall

  1. This is a good introduction to the world of design research in all of its complexity. Product managers, engineers, designers, project managers and other folks engaged in IT projects will all benefit from getting a better understanding of the space
  2. It is a fun read and it is packed with humorous references and quotes
  3. It is practical and has a high density of valuable tips and guidelines among its 150 or so pages of content
  4. It goes well beyond the traditional topics of user interviews and usability testing. As a Business Analyst in my past life, I appreciated the amount of attention paid to the topic of requirements and their attributes (Cohesive, Complete, Unambiguous, etc.) as well as stakeholder interviewing and documentation rigor
  5. It will raise a lot of questions. For me, some questions were why did she think so highly of personas and why jobs to be done were not really given any attention

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