Wicked problems: Getting your NIE

To learn more about this process we conducted survey research and interviews. This offered a global overview as well as in depth insights in the way the process generally unfolds and how it is perceived.

User Persona (fictional)
Customer Journey Map

After completing the CJM we defined the problem to be solved:

In order to solve the problem we tried various ideation methods (for instance ‘crazy eight’) to come up with an solution to this wicked problem. We designed a (fictional) information portal that creates a personalized checklist of the necessary documents to obtain a NIE. In order to determine which documents are mandatory the user is presented ‘determination’ questions.

User Flow

The final phase is the most exciting: creating a prototype which illustrates the desired usage of the proposed solution. We created low-fi wireframes and connected them to help our audience understanding the added value of the concept.

Lo-Fi Prototype

Design Thinking is useful and a great method to apply why solving a complex or ambiguous problem.

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UX Design Thinking

UX Design Thinking


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