Bringing UX Writing to an Online Meetings Platform: Case Study

Project Overview

Sessions is a remote meeting and collaboration tool, oriented towards professional users. It was built to enable people to organize and hold online meetings in one and the same place, without having to access documents and tools outside the meeting platform. 

Sessions integrates all features needed for an online meeting, including video conferencing apps, instant messaging apps, calendar apps, cloud documents and drives, and virtual whiteboards. This means you can access everything on the go without having to jump between different applications.

Check out this short video about Sessions on Product Hunt.

For this project, UXWA students focused on the so-called Designer feature of Sessions, which allows you to plan your meetings in advance around a clear agenda and organize all the content you need for the meeting. Specifically, their task was to improve the onboarding flow, orienting users to the software when they use it for the first time.

Sessions communicated their challenges to students to help them gauge where there was most room for improvement:

  • First, they were concerned that their onboarding flow is too complex, especially the second half of the flow where users set up their first session. 
  • Second, Sessions was curious to see how the onboarding flow for the Designer feature could be merged with the main flow of the product to help users better understand how to optimize their workflow. 
  • Third, some of the existing copy in the app was written by non-native English speakers, and Sessions wanted to ensure that the copy was consistent, clear, and positively reflected their brand image.

The Process

Over a period of six weeks, UXWA students worked diligently to understand Sessions’ business goals, evaluate their current product copy, perform user research and ultimately produce recommendations for improvements.

Students began by learning about the product and using Sessions for themselves to get a first-hand understanding of the product. They reviewed Sessions’ own user research, including their personas and statistics from their onboarding funnel. After getting a good understanding of where the product currently stood, they conducted competitor research, where they evaluated other companies offering similar products compared to Sessions’ offerings at the time.

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