Replacing the Double Diamond, Figma videos, tangible UI [+special survey]

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“Here’s the truth of the matter, from somebody who has been doing Design for well over 25 years: Design is not a Process, it’s an Odyssey. It is not a rigid structure with steps to follow, but a path you discover along the way with dangers, villains, and wisdom to be gained, and you often wind up right back where you started. Allow me to explain.”

Replacing the Double Diamond
By Ryan Ford

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Take the survey: how are you documenting your work?
As design system documentation continues to rapidly mature, How We Document, brought to you by this week’s sponsor zeroheight, is an opportunity for us to stop, reflect and figure out the biggest challenges facing us in documenting and growing our design systems. The goal is to capture the current state of design system documentation and we’d love your help.

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