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Happy Rosh Hashana to those who celebrate! It’s now the year 5783 according to the Hebrew calander! 🍏🍯

Next week, we’ll be a day late—expect issue #204 on Thursday, Oct 6th.


Issue #203 (Sep 28th, 2022)

  • UX thinking for the government

  • Clear, concise, New Zealand

  • Working out the kinks with AI features

  • Legalese event recording


🏛 Government sites aren’t known for their exemplary user experiences. And since the services they provide have no competition, there’s no incentive to create better UX. But could a UX mindset be just what the doctor ordered? And how is the IRS going to spend that $80 billion check?

The Power of UX Thinking to Transform Government

🤖 Introducing new features to an interface that users are familiar with can be a delicate process. This article shares some lessons learned while creating the UX of a virtual assistant for new employee hiring. 

Designing for Trustworthy Automation


If you’re going to use “oops” in an error message, might as well go hard and SCREAM IT!! 😂🤦


In the biggest crossover since the last Avengers movie, the UX Writing Hub recently teamed up with UX Content Design NYC for an event on the UX challenges of legalese. 

Check out the recording with tons of practical tips from industry professionals.

Event recording:

Content Design + Legalese: Creativity and collaboration within constraints


Melody Fritz wears many hats—something that’s not so uncommon for people with professional writing backgrounds. 

Her site is a great example of how to balance UX-focused work with other forms. 



We’re celebrating 200 issues with blasts from the past!

Back in issue #7, Dec 2018, we talked about the role of microcopy in conversion and retention, or, metaphorically, how to get kittens in your box and how to keep them there.

Also, a cymbal monkey and lots of gifs. 

UX Writing Weekly #7

Read the full article here

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