UX Writing Weekly #204 – UX WRITING HUB

This week, it’s all about getting hired (or hiring) with a little help from NN/g and our community.


Issue #204 (Oct 6th, 2022)


📝 If you’re on the UX job hunt, you already know you need a portfolio. But with growing competition for open positions, you need to make a good first impression with a UX-focused résumé.

This deep dive into crafting the perfect UX resume covers general guidelines, UX education, non-UX experience, what to avoid, and much more.

Effective Resumes for UX Career Changers

👔 Finally, whether you’ve just been hired or hired someone, you should probably figure out who all the stakeholders are in your projects. Here’s a fantastic list of resources.

UX Stakeholders: Study Guide


Though the wording could be a lot better, this is still a noteworthy (pun intended) approach to preventing users from taking an unwanted destructive action.


“Inclusive” is one of those terms that gets thrown around a lot. But what are its practical applications, and how does it relate to UX writing? 

Join Emerson Schroeter of HelloFresh for a free live event.

Inclusive Writing: What It Is and How to Get Started (Oct 27th)


We’re digging into the archives for some of our favorite portfolios from the past.

Rebecca Cha’s is a beautiful blend of minimalist design with a touch of movement and interactivity. Check out her work with Southwest Airlines, Chipotle, and others. 

Access code: 6254



We’re celebrating 200+ issues with some blasts from the past.

Back in issue #22, we asked our audience what to name our soon-to-be-launched podcast. The results gave us a clear winner, and the Writers in Tech podcast was born.

Read the full article here

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Find and recruit interview participants

Find and recruit interview participants

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Everything you need to know about UX writing certification • UX Content Collective

Everything you need to know about UX writing certification • UX Content Collective

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