UI/UX Case Study — Shopee Revamp: Delivery Option


Shopee is one of my favorite applications. Some of my favorite products have been discovered here. As a Shopee user, I’ve always believed that this app could be improved in every way. However, no concrete steps to update the app have been taken. Due to time constraints, I can only make improvements to the application for the user experience based on the most recent instances that the participants have encountered and further research on this problem.


The design process carried out in this research is using the Design Thinking methodology.



I make observations by trying out the check out goods from the apps and see where I can choose the delivery courier. After trying the apps, I noted a few points that could potentially be problems when users check out their goods app for choosing the delivery courier. By interacting with the application first, I can also create several scenarios for Usability Testing that will be carried out at a later stage.



  • To validate whether Shopee users really don’t like the courier selection system at Shopee.
  • To find out if Shopee users know how to change courier services.
  • To find out the preferences of Shopee users regarding when it is best to choose a courier service.


  1. How can we provide detailed information to the user regarding the delivery process in terms of the accuracy & safety of goods?
  2. How can we help users recommend frequently used courier services?
  3. How can we help users optimize their duration when checking out goods?
  1. Move courier service selection option to before checkout;
  2. Gives an obligation for the seller to activate at least three courier services.
User Journey Map

At this stage, I create User Flow, Wireframe, Design System, and Mockup Design.

Wireframe (Lo-Fi)
Design System
Mockup (Hi-Fi)

I use Figma to create prototypes for the Shopee app redesign. If you want to find something in this prototype, the journey will be the same as I described earlier. Please try the prototype by clicking the link below.

I re-evaluated the new design that I had created after redesigning the application. I tested fiveusers who had taken part in the first test using the same task scenario. This test is carried out with the help of a Figma prototype, and users are asked to run the prototype on their device in accordance with the task. This test also aimed to determine how users perceived the new design that I created, as well as whether the solution I implemented addressed all of the pain points that users experienced during the first test of the current Shopee application.

Task 1

Task: Silakan Membeli Sepatu adidas melalui Aplikasi Shopee.

  1. Anda tinggal di Kemang, Jakarta Selatan dan ingin mengirimkan paket Anda ke alamat Anda.
  2. Anda ingin menggunakan pengiriman reguler (2–4 hari) dengan kurir Shopee Express.
  3. Anda menggunakan metode pembayaran ShopeePay.

Task 2

Task: Silakan Membeli Sepatu adidas untuk teman Anda melalui aplikasi Shopee.

  1. Harry tinggal di Sleman, Yogyakarta, dan Anda ingin mengirimkan paket Anda ke alamatnya.
  2. Anda ingin menggunakan pengiriman reguler (2–4 hari) dengan kurir Shopee Express.
  3. Anda menggunakan metode pembayaran ShopeePay.

Testing Result

The new design’s usability test yields more positive results and feedback. Every user can complete every task and achieve better results in the first usability test. That’s because I applied all of the opportunities that came from user feedback in the first test to this new design. The average of each task yields better results and is completed in less time. However, I still have some improvements to make because there are new opportunities that can be developed further.

Usability Testing after revamp


Overall, users have a positive experience after experimenting with the new design prototype. The issues raised by users have also been addressed in this new design prototype. This redesign, which is based on user feedback, can ultimately provide a new experience while also assisting users in selecting the delivery service that they desire. Furthermore, based on the results of tests and research that have revealed positive results, it can be determined that users require small changes that have an impact on a more pleasant shopping experience.


This is the final section of my case study project; I learned a lot while working on it. Special thanks to Binar Academy and my mentor Dienabillahgf, who taught me for 3.5 months and will be very useful in my future UI/UX career. I am eager to hear your feedback and suggestions on how to improve my UI/UX knowledge.

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