Weekly UX Inspiration Websites

Some Amazing Websites that Inspired Me This Week.

For inspiration purposes, I continuously visit lots of inspiration sites and visit the listed sites. This week I was looking for inspiration on Land-Book, and then I found these 3 websites that are really awesome and unique in some way. You can also visit them and see how cool they are.

This is a great website with a unique landing page. It is a kind of minimalist site, and I personally love minimalist sites. That’s why I love this website. But this website has much more to give in terms of inspiration. There are a lot of cool animation and video concepts. Visit the website and see it for yourself.

Atomus is a cool design system, and they have just launched their site, which is so cool, the website will feel professional as well as fun to use. The video below is of me playing with buttons on their site. They have this box where you can pay with a button that is not related to their site but is fun to use.

This is so great for user attention and fun.

The world is full of boring and similar-looking sites. You can learn what you can do to make your website stand out a little bit from this site.

I will have my headphones on tomorrow because I was listening to some songs, then I started looking for inspiration and found this website. It felt to me like a classic site with a minimalistic look, so I decided to go and visit it, and then boom.. the music was unexpected. It was so calming and relaxing.

They did it because their website is about classic music. I love this concept of adding some music. They also have some cool animations, so if you wanna see click the link and take a look at them, also put your headphones on for a better experience 🙂

Thanks for reading, guys. I hope you liked this article. It was a short one, but if you like this, I’ll post a long list of websites next time. Follow me to get daily updates about UX and UI design.

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