UX/UI Case Study — Pintara

Online learning, which was originally used as an educational solution in the midst of the Covid pandemic, began to become a lifestyle that was increasingly in demand. Considerations such as saving time, ease of access and transportation costs are the main reasons many people use online methods for learning.

The development of tutoring has also become increase because of this. The community is given many choices regarding existing learning platforms. Pintara is one of the learning platforms that provides various programs to support the education of Indonesian children with offline or online options.

Pintara has the aim of making it easier for users to learn online or offline as they need easily, both in terms of appearance, information and simple transactions. Through media research I found several problems faced to achieve this goal.


UX Researcher, UI Designer


5 Days


Research and Designing Pintara’s website


Figma, Miro, Maze, Sketch

Processes overview

Many learning platform grow in this decade, how to make Pintara.id stand out from others

Simple look but rich in information, registration and transactions are carried out easily, and details of the transactions made, such as getting anything in one selected package.


Understand people’s behavior towards choosing the right learning platform, the factor that influence the decision and gaps that exist in the current system. Plan research to find out the user pain points and features for the business.

Research question

Have you been using any learning website for studying?

What kind of learning place is ideal in your opinion?

How do you trust a platform?

How do you find your experience with the website?

Do you like to explore new fields on learning website?

On what basis do you explore courses?

Competitive Analysis

We looked at existing learning websites like Edufio, Radianedu, and Neutron. To understand the current scope of the solution being provided and also understand the gaps.

Competitive Analysis

At this stage I synthesized research results with various treatments to get a focused problem:

Affinity Diagram

Interview research with 5 participants has been carried out and obtained several results qualitative data and quantitative data. Both data are grouped according to their similarities, it has the goal to help us in the process of defining the problem, so the problem will be focused and does not widen.



Student and fresh graduates who want to reach their dream’s school and job


Eligible platform that provide information about courses with clear look and easy to use and understand


Complicated look on platform website that make user can’t understand the flow well


How we can present clear website look but still have many information?

How we can prioritize element by user need?

How we can provide easy sign in and apply course on website?

How do we present the eligible of the website?

HMW used to find solutions to each question. The solution obtained will then be used in the ideation stage.

Minimalize the navigation

Build search bar features

Bottom sign in and applying courses are the same function

Feedback previous user with video and text

The first thing before build interface design as UX researcher and designer I should know the brand identity of the company.

Brand identity

Pintara’s Logo

User flow

This project just has 5 days to be done, process ideate in this time just answering first question’s HMW. If in the future I got chance to continue it I would do that. To start preparing for the architecture and feature placement of the app, we create a user flow to organize the screens logically and intuitively for our users.

User Flow


Based on the insights gathered, we worked on design recommendations and implemented those changes into the mid fidelity wireframe.



Prototyping can aim to facilitate the process of explaining product plans by means of functional demonstrations. The main objective of this is to provide the client and developer with a sufficient view of the production plan.

In addition, the prototype can also aim to make it easier for clients if they want to make modifications to the final product ordered. In general, the prototype aims to provide a working system specification that is not only theoretical, but also practical. The prototyping process becomes a formalization step and can serve as an idea evaluation.

Review the design
Interface Design

Usability testing

Then proceed to do usability testing, we target productive age people who want to travel to relieve stress or fill their spare time

From our own usability testing, we also have a UT plan including

Asking expectations of this web
Ask for needs from this web
Enter the web
Exploring the application
What do you think about the features in the web?
Do you have difficulty in operating this web? Tell me!

and here are some questions that were also asked to the tester

How was your experience using this web?
What do you think about the flow of this web that you have tried?
What are the disadvantages of this web that you have tried earlier?
What should be maintained from this web?
What do you think about the features in this web?
Do you have difficulty in operating the web? Tell me!

Usability Testing with maze.co

To make sure the correspondent gave the critical feedback, I interviewed the correspondent, and summary of the result are:

  • The color of the website
  • Button size not consistent
  • The filling bar is still confusing
  • Save features are important (not yet built)

Overall, this project was a lot of fun to work on — research and designing an website from start to finish. It was interesting to discover how much technology has advanced and learn more about its capabilities and limitations, and look forward to continuing to see how it evolves in the future. A lot of steps are still needed to make this website great

The design of this app needs to be iterated depending on the result of the usability test and the result of the interview with the correspondent.

With the new revisions and branding incorporated, I would want to test my design again to ensure the design’s usability.

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