Digital Transformation in Garment Inventory system-Goods Transfer

  • Currently, goods transfer data are not digitally accountable to the Stakeholder.
  • Currently, Goods transfers are raised by using telephonic conversations and WhatsApp messages between the Inventory manager and Transfer requesters (Such as the Production manager, Store Manager and Procurement manager)
  • They are familiar with mobile applications.
  • Stakeholders want to optimize goods transfer in an Inventory system.
  • Help the business improve
  • Help the users in an efficient way
  1. whether we have to design a goods transfer request Interface for the production manager, Store manager and other requesters?
  2. How frequently do they raise their request in a day?
  3. About the exact As-is Business process.
  • The Inventory Manager has responsibility for purchase Inward the raw material which was ordered by the Procurement team shown in Fig.1
  • The Inventory Manager has a responsibility for Transfer the goods as per request which was raised by various departments shown in Fig.3
  • The Inventory Manager raises a Purchase request to Procurement Department for unavailable stocks.
  • Generally, the Procurement manager / Purchase manager gets a quotation from different vendors. The procurement manager selects the vendor and then releases Purchase Order(PO).
  • The inventory manager checks the PO and Inward the raw material then forward it to quality checking. If quality is good then stocks are added to the Inventory system and the accounting department release the fund to the vendor.
  1. Explain about your company.
  • We are one of the most renowned fashion labels on an international platform today.
  • They have a large inventory of fabric, trims, accessories, raw materials, ready-store pieces & client-customised orders, So, we require easy and quick software to track our Inventory system.
  • We are looking to develop a customized software system to meet our requirements for the smooth and easy functioning of the organization. Maintaining a track and record of every fabric, trim, accessory, raw material and store piece is of utmost importance with the help of an inventory management system.
  • Stock availability is not transparent to the requesters.
  • Raw Materials are not properly accountable in record books.
  • The inventory manager has pressure due to a lot of goods transfer requests and he didn’t able to track quickly whether goods are reached or not.
  1. As per stakeholder insight, the Inventory manager also can Initiate goods transfer requests from his end. So here we introduce the floating button to create a goods transfer request from the Inventory manager side.
  2. Then he can search for goods and then click required goods which will be added to the list of materials and He enters the transfer of the goods in detail.
  1. The stakeholder is not always able to understand wireframes. So, come up with detailed Hi-Fidelity mockups.
  2. Got a lot of knowledge from this project like how to digitalize and integrate the vast system.
  3. How to interact with stakeholders and how to get valuable insights.
  4. How to think quickly and come up with solutions for users’ problems.
  5. Gain knowledge about how UX design impacts the business.

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