P.S- (Don’t Click on this)- My First Ever Workshop Influenced Me to Buy Rs.xx,xxx

Hi All, My name is Vinay Juneja,

Let’s give a Beautiful Intro-

Hello Namaskar🙏, My name is Vinay Juneja and I am a brother of 2 super sisters and a proud son of amazing and super supportive parents. A Govt. job seeker turned freelancer in Ed-Tech Industry, Counselled more than 1000 students(for competitive exams), content creator, a youtuber and then, a former founder of 2gethergrow Media (A digital marketing agency), and now A UI/UX Designer, digital marketer, a Podcaster and a Life Coach.

Now, I am into a Transition and have been planning to get into UI/UX, Product Management and Digital Marketing!

So, for UI/UX, I am very luck to get Growthschool ad on my Instagram account, from there, I got to know about Anudeep Ayyagari sir and his workshop!

Then I purchased his UX Kickstarter Workshop at only Rs.588 and your mind would be blown, that he took class of more than 15+ Hours in Just only Rs.588, it’s damn man!

So yeah, when i purchased the workshop, i was kinda worried, that what would they teach us in just Rs.588, but it’s just opposite what i thought!

Whatever I got to learn from this workshop, that you should get to know, so if you are planning to get into UI/UX, first of all, get the workshop, and then decide about UX Mastery Course.

Here is the link of next workshop, it’s going to start from Nov’12- https://learn.growthschool.io/ux-workshop-2?ref=gs&_ga=2.127527498.678324495.1665216858-1914678121.1663488703

It’s of 2-Week, this workshop, you will surely enjoy it! Also, You will get access to an amazing #discordcommunity

So let’s start my journey of this workshop which influenced me to purchase Rs.xx,xxx UX Mastery Course from Anudeep Ayyagari sir.!

BTW, We all had a non-textual workshop, means, we learnt about all of these things in practical manner.

On Our First day, We had a live call of about 3+ hours, which was about UI/UX, and #anudeep sir took again this class, After it we had a mega webinar from 3pm to 10pm, on 15th and before it we had a QnA also on 12th Oct, from 9–11pm, but he had to leave, due to some emergency, so the class was from 9–11pm, and he took the class till 11pm, but he was not satisfied about it, and he said that we would take another on 19th Oct, and that live class went from 9:20 to 1:50am, Mind blown. and yes, Today, we have a closing session (22nd Oct, 2022), and I know it this class will also go in a extended way.

It’s called Anudeep Ayyagari sir Way.

So, in-between of these live sessions, we had to a lot of modules and workbook exercise from #anudeepsir and the modules were amazing, (sabko lagega, itni buttering kyu kar ra hai, but You get the UX Kickstarter workshop, and then comment here, I am not going anywhere).

So, In Live sessions, and in modules, the amazing positive vibe and that smile and the 10000% energy he has all the time, we are lucky to get experience it. Damn!

On Day-1, in Live class, we learn a lot about how to make existing products better, by learning this-

There are- 5 Steps involved to get the best experience to the User.

i.e- Empathise-Define-Ideate-Prototype-Test

So, Day-2 starts with modules-

Learning from Existing Design-

We learnt a lot about lot of things, about how to experience user questions and some common sense, and how to solve a problem pain point for a user, when he uses a product, like a Fan or whatsapp.


Learn by making a calculator UI, with help of Anudeep Ayyagari sir and tried to solve some common problem, of users while using calculator.


Here, we got to learn about what is Jakob’s law and how it works for a user-

And, We got to learn about Jakob’s 10 Usability Heuristics laws-


UX Design Career Fit, through a google sheet questions given by #anudeepsir, we got to know a lot about us through this exercise, to how to become a UI/UX designer, and not act as a user.



Animated Prototype- We got to learn more about how animations work in real world through working on an figma design. BTW, We are working only on Figma, (all the time). We got to know how to make a switch on/off button and how to do animation of it, and we got to know about how to make reel type #tinder app button animate, like- clicking on heart, and on cancel button and how undo button work in real tinder app, in just three days.





We got to learn more about high and low-prototyping and Paper-Prototyping through #marvel app.

and, about Business metrics, which means a lot to any business to grow and make revenue, through these 4 metrics,


We got to know about #Component works in @figma and how it helps us to reduce time in real world, when we make an app or a product! with the help of UI KIT given by Anudeep Ayyagari sir.


Compiling all learning, we did in past 2-weeks in this workshop and make a case-study of it then in Medium and uploading the whole learning in Notion, or in #figjam_file. (I have uploaded it my all learning on #figjam_file)

So, It’s an ending of this workshop, but it’s a starting for me to get into UI/UX, with the help of UX Mastery Course by #anudeepsir, which is going to start from Dec, 1st Week. Very Very Very Excited for this journey.

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