UX Audit Case Study during my Internship at DutyPar

About DutyPar App

Basically the app facilitates attendance marking to the users i.e., students, teachers, employees and workers through AI Based Facial Attendance & Location Tracking App. It saves time, increases efficiency and records data with safety.

About Users and Current Process

For this specific problem, our users are the teachers and the subjects are the students. The teachers gather students within the frame, via their phone they click on the respective batch and a camera opens up. The teacher then click the photos of students and mark their attendance.

My Roles & Responsibilities

UX Designer & Researcher — to find issues, interact with users, conduct usability testing and design a perfect user centric product.

Problem In-hand

The app single-handedly initiated the group attendance system by identifying all students in the frame and marking their attendance at once. At first, there were no complaints but with rise in number of students, the system couldn’t detect all.

Interaction with User and Problem Identification

Upon reviewing the complaints and talking to the teachers, the main problem was that the app couldn’t handle a large group of students. The teachers had to enable the remaining students manually which violated the main motto of the app, ‘Marking Attendance is one click away’.

Upon carefully analysing the problem given by our user Swapnita, we need a solution which marks group attendance fast, at ease and display clear records of every student. Upon examining the environment of a typical classroom, the students sit in rows of 2 or 3 and sometimes maybe even 4 with limited students in each row. The app has the capacity to recognise 20 students at once, as told by the user, the attendance marking can be easy if captured row wise.

Introducing a New Approach

And upon discussing with my team mates, we came to a conclusion to design this method and test to see whether this is a viable solution or not.

The New Process

Once the design was made and approved by the team, we sent it out to test our users, mostly those who faced the problem with group attendance. Later we conducted a survey among 20 users and following were the results:

This new approach turned out to be a great success and helped us expand our consumer base in the sector of educational institutes. Currently we have over 5 Million daily users in various sectors and we continue to provide best solutions as the need suggests. With great team, we keep our consumers highly satisfied.

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