Culture & Heritage: solving a wicked problem through the process of design thinking

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As we start thinking about this problem, we had a lot of assumptions about the possible causes of people’s disinterest in museums. As we moved forward in our thinking, we quickly identified 3 topics :

  • Lack of accessibility — price is too high, perception of snobby, takes a lot of time, crowded, long lines…
  • Lack of modernity — not interactive, boring & outdated content, too much informations…
  • Locals don’t feel included — not enough renewal, no urgency, no need to go twice, too touristy…
Working around around our assumptions
Some feedbacks from our users interviews
  • Physical perception: lack of accessibility, long lines & crowded, cold & quiet ambiance, too much walking
  • Content in museum: lack of newness, too much information, content is not relevant, preference for facts & history
  • Experience: looking for emotions, immersive & interactive, museum is a social activity

Meet Laura, the Social Urban Millennial, our persona who love living in a big metropolitan city in Europe because there’s always something going on. When she’s not at work, she’ll probably be found grabbing a beer with some friends or maybe catching the latest movie at the cinema or at a concert. She loves discovering a culture via their food. Actually, museums are not top of mind for her, but she won’t say « no » if a friend invites her.

Meet Laura
Here is the typical Laura’s museum journey

At the time of the ideation process, we come up with a lot of ideas. Some were directly given by our 5 interviewees.

  • You select the topic
  • Friends & social
  • You set the time

To test our concept, we found 5 potential users of our solution based on our persona.

Concept testing & users feedbacks in detail
  • The social media function of this app doesn’t interest users: they won’t link it to their social media accounts and they won’t share their tour experiences publicly or with their community
  • They want a news feed with content based on their interests & location
  • They want to have tours options to choose from
  • They want to be able to purchase tickets on the app
Modifications & revised prototype
  • Optimize the news feed
    Conduct user interviews to understand how this feature could be useful to users
  • Investigate ticket purchase feature
    Develop a prototype & conduct concept testing for an integrated ‘buy ticket’ feature in the app
  • Quantitative survey
    To confirm that the concept is interesting and useful for a majority of our target

The complexity of the problem could surely be solved by many solutions. Based on our research, we found that the heart of the problem lies in today user’s need for personalized experiences.

Photo The Louvre on Unsplash

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