Discovering Community Leaders

  • Community Leader?: I recently had a chat with another founder who started his own restaurant business with his family and friends, and he’s passionate for people, connecting them, and bringing them together around a common purpose. He handed off the biz to his brother and is looking for a Human-centric role to build up his entrepreneurial skills. It doesn’t look like he and Ugeddit are a perfect fit for each other right now, but he’s continuing his hunt for the ideal role, and is definitely someone I find energizing to keep up with
  • UX research project: My friend Leticia, the founder of IterateUX, let me know about the UX Research Challenge they are doing where teams of new UX researchers and designers do a free 6-week research project for companies, so they can gain experience, we can get research done, and companies can see their skills to hire them. It’ll take some time for me to coordinate with the teams, but I believe it will be worth it in multiple ways, not just from the user and market research they can help with, but also the great people we will all get to know!
  • Event strategy: Although I showed up a bit late, I attended an interactive webinar by Amy Jo Kim and GSchool (AKA Game Thinking) with Jason Hrera speaking and answering questions about his incredible gamification and UX experience. I learned quite a few things both from his talk and the questions people asked that he answered in-depth. I’m going to use what I learned here to make Ugeddit’s mini-events more educational and enjoyable
  • Screenwriter: I had a chat with someone I met on Bumble who is a screenwriter for film trailers and music videos (and probably more). Him and I connected around our shared appreciation for orchestral and cinematic music because of how its complexity and diversity sparks huge imagination both for stories and worlds. Stories are pretty much everything, so I’m even considering how to “screenwrite” the Ugeddit community member experience and give people paths they can follow to achieve their greatness, one step at a time

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