UX is a lifestyle of every product!

Do you know how much earnings are created for a particular service market call support every annum? Let’s assume that eCommerce is the only business in the world. If we calculate the valuation of this market for support then we can easily predict that the market is a trillion-dollar market.

Why i am throwing this example? Cause i know how a lifestyle grows. If we think of a Digital product lifecycle of revenue we mostly see that revenue growth is stable after a certain amount of iteration. That means anyone can understand the pain point and can create a competitor for that particular market. This means a business has no expanding mentality than they actually created their invaders. This means the business will fall, but When it comes to UX we try to work on user needs and human needs and always eagerly wait for new challenges to solve. It’s the closest team to the stakeholders and business owners. Cause when they start their business they also erase several problems from the market. It’s the most powerful tool to think about your alliance. So if we deep dive into the UX schematics, then. you can visualize that every problem solver follows the same checklist but with a different name or in a different framework. So it’s actually supporting the people to solve the regular task, which means it is a most important part of a professional’s lifestyle. If we try to find out the common things found in every people who tagged with this business then if we found a common point that is 100% elected then it’s the lifestyle. It’s my belief not my thought about UX.

If we call it a lifestyle, then we have to validate our point properly. Let’s assume we don’t have UX in the world. This means there are no people solving any problem which feels good. This means you have several products but you can’t get a good experience from them. The product purpose is violated.

Nowadays most people including the digital product market people think that UX is only aligned with a digital product’s look and feel. Though in a sense they are correct cause its a part of a UX designer’s job, creating an experience is not only bound to digital products it’s actually workable for every tool, every fantasy, and every product needed to tend life, but another amazing this also arise if the product can create a value with their lifestyle then experience is the most important thing.

Let’s see the UX properly with an example!

Imagine Brian is creating a messaging system that is encrypted. This means no data will share without the token identifier. Means complete security if you are not a fool.

Then Brain tries to illustrate his idea, what scenarios are arisen after this product and how we can connect with big security concerned people. So he created a feature that comes from his hand means an assumption feature. It helps Brain to talk about his idea and also gives him a clear focusing point on what are scenarios according to his assumptions. So already created an assumption product that can be saved in his mind or in any written format. So he actually created a checklist of UX called Ideation. So already idea is created and he needs to empathize with his idea to verify the right solution.

So Brain started talking with his family, friends, and all the other people around him. After asking several questions brain finds out that a particular amount of people actually empathize with his idea. They have the same problem with privacy, they are facing also social issues, also its hearts, and several people’s regular life cause having a conversation is not encrypted. They also share their feeling about their needs, what are the existing problems, and how the problems hamper their social behavior. Why they don’t shift to other systems, and what decision do they want to take?
Also when he collects data from the people around him, he also gets several insights about the people’s interests, ages, professions, communications, what is used by them, and what kind of systems are liked by that user. This means that people actually create a personality of a product that is encrypted. The data he gets from asking about the needs or problems he actually creates a personality for this product.

What Brain actually created from those two examples? I believe you already know the answer, if you don’t know then let me describe it to you. In the very beginning Brain actually got an excellent idea that the personal communication we created is not secured. This means Brain identifies a problem, and to get the solution Brain deep dive into the idea, collect several data, and validate or re validating the idea using the iteration. Create a strong ground about the problem which can erase the problem for most people. This same format is also applicable for competitor analysis, User journey, and Information Architecture. All of them give you a more clear insight into the solution for the problem which is arise a couple of days back in Brain’s mind.

Why I am giving the example of Brain, cause every people in the world who have enough attention to read this article have a clear mind, they always try to solve every problem which arises in their day-to-day or professional life. Being a filmy person I like to call it “Nothing personal, everything is business”. And a businessman always thinks, and as far as my study every people uses his/ her own checklists about their everyday work or being funny its busines. like, mind your own business. If we deep dive properly then we always will work with the checklist which is designed to serve a better experience.

All my words bounced right?

As a designer, I think we need to show our examples in the simplest way.

Ideate: Assume that you are planning to create a recipe that has not existed in the world. So you started learning. You learn about the ingredient, and new recipes, and understand the blends of the concentration. You try several recipes, you tested them, and you like them. But it’s your creation, you have an emotion to your creation. So it’s a unique recipe, so you have validated its uniquesness.

Recipe is unique, how to validate it?

User Research: So you ask your friend and family, to try to iterate several recipes. Collect the feedback, and improve the quality. Note down every point, and try to integrate new tastes according to different tounges choiche. But still don’t achieve all tastes for every tongue. But you created a unique recipe for several tongues, but friends and family are not enough or encouraging. Every day same person’s same tongue response can be demotivated to get the same insights. It actually hampers your experience. So to make you feel good you are inviting new guests, to make a good experience you collect a huge amount of tongue response.

Empathy: You also find several things like people who are corporate workers whose tongue response is good with your product, and also an age group like your recipe. Particular behavior response people also give you a good response. Also, those people give you several insights that are

  1. Your teste remembers my XYZ memory.
  2. This sour taste is too good. (Assume your recipe tastes sour)
  3. Why you don’t put catchup?
  4. Need more cheese or catni.
  5. Oil is too high.

Illustrate: You tried and blend the recipe and create a pizza that is not tasted by the tongue. And give your pizza to your previous food tester.

Iterate: Again started collecting feedback. Iterate several pizzas with them. And finally, build a unique pizza for several particular taste lovers.

If you are a designer, do you find something similar about this example? If you are a creator of a unique pizza, then each and every iteration you actually solve taste experience each and every time. Means actually youre solving the experince of a people or a user.

Also a believer in UX I believe in our everyday life we humans actually like to have a better or best experience. So designers or business owners or problem solvers/employees all of us are human, so solving experiences for life is our nature. So if we thought about UX, so we can easily compare it with our reflex. This means it helps businesses to look and feels good like a costly dress gives you when you are wearing them. So we can call UX a lifestyle of every product!

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