10. On Delight, Emotion, and UX – Flipping the Script with UX Specialists Therese Fessenden & Rachel Krause

To celebrate our first podcast milestone, we flipped the script. NN/g UX Specialist Rachel Krause guest-hosts this episode, and interviews host Therese Fessenden about the concept of “delight” in user experience: what it is, why the pursuit of delight can often be a short-sighted and misunderstood endeavor, and how a more holistic approach to interpreting and anticipating user needs can more reliably lead to an experience that delights beyond a single interaction.

Read more about the hosts: 

  • Therese Fessenden’s Articles & Videos (NN/g bio)
  • Rachel Krause’s Articles & Videos (NN/g bio)

Free resources cited in this episode:

  • A Theory of User Delight: Why Usability Is the Foundation for Delightful Experiences (free article)
  • Design for Emotion (by Daniel Ruston, UX Lead at Google Design)
  • Principles of Emotional Design (Intuit case study by Garron Engstrom)
  • How Delightful! 4 Principles for Designing Experience-Centric Products (Autodesk MLP case study by Maria Giudice)
  • Research: Perspective-Taking Doesn’t Help You Understand What Others Want (HBR article by Tal Eyal, Mary Steffel, Nicholas Epley)
  • Harvard Psychiatrist Identifies 7 Skills to Help You Get Along With Anybody (Inc. article by Carmine Gallo about Helen Riess’ work)

Other resources cited in this episode:

  • Emerging Patterns in Interface Design (UX Certification course)
  • Persuasive and Emotional Design (UX Certification course)
  • DesignOps: Scaling UX Design and User Research (UX Certification course)
  • Designing for Emotion by Aarron Walter (book) 

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