"Show me what you got" Collection by Qeeboo

This is the first collection of home products in collaboration and produced with the legendary Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni and his company Qeeboo.
Starting from a “simple” collaboration on 3 products, we launched a first collection consisting of more than 40 pieces. Presented at Design Week 2022 in Milan in three incredible and exclusive locations, this collection has had a tremendous success that I did not expect.

By completely abandoning the concept of Minimal product design, we instead wanted to get to the heart of a purely Italian design, full of color, kitsch at times and certainly very powerful.

The “Show me what you got” collection is available worldwide in selected interior design shops, galleries and online.

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Layout in App Design…in 10 minutes.

Layout in App Design…in 10 minutes.

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Spark your inner flame

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