4. Creativity During a Crisis (feat. Aurora Harley, Sr. UX Specialist at NN/g) by NN/g UX Podcast

As design teams mature in size and scope, the importance of intentionally designing and systematizing processes, approaches, and tools becomes increasingly difficult to ignore. Kate Kaplan shares insights from her research studying design teams and offers tips for those seeking to initiate and lead DesignOps efforts as a way to make design more impactful at their organizations.
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NN/g Resources Mentioned:

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DesignOps Maturity (free article)
6 Levels of UX Maturity (free article) 
UX Maturity Stage 3: Emergent (free article) 
DesignOps: DesignOps: Scaling UX Design and User Research (UXC course)

Other Links Mentioned:
Rosenfeld Media’s DesignOps Summit: ​​https://rosenfeldmedia.com/designopssummit2021/
A note on companies to follow, from Kate: “There are so many teams at different organizations publicly sharing and publishing their DesignOps journeys and experiments, and I think that willingness to share is amazing and points to the greater community being built around DesignOps. Some that come top of mind to follow are Salesforce, Cisco, IBM, AirBnB, Pinterest, Athena Health, Atlassian. Most of these companies have internal design blogs or medium channels where they share their approaches.”

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