BookMyShow – Improving the ticket booking flow for the Comedy shows


What is BookMyShow? 🎟️

BookMyShow is an event booking app, where we can book tickets for movies, live events, concerts, shows, and sports. It also allows buying/renting of movies.

Why BookMyShow? 🔎

Recently I started liking standup comedy shows by watching shows on youtube. So I wanted to book tickets through “BookMyShow”.

Choose Ticket Screen

For next few days, I was asking myself a question.

Am I the only one who found it difficult to make the decision?

I decided to find out by talking to the users in particular about this flow and find out if they are struggling to book tickets or make the decision. If yes –

  • How does it affect the business?
  • How can I help them to make the decision easily?
  • How can I improve this experience?

Assumption 💬

As I found it difficult to make a decision in deciding the type of type ticket to choose. I’ve considered it as an assumption to analyze, validate, evaluate the assumption.

Choosing the type of ticket for a comedy show in the application is confusing. How Might We improve the experience of ticket booking for comedy shows?

Research Objective 📝

The objective of this Research project is to

  • Understand users’ behavior and pain points while booking a ticket.
  • Get to know user insights into what the user needs in the booking flow.

Explore the Application

I explored more comedy shows in BookMyShow to find out the other terms used to describe the tickets. They are

  • Early Bird
  • Regular Pass
  • VIP Pass
  • Show Pass

Secondary Research 🌐

I searched on google what they meant by Early bird, then I came across two different meanings

  • Early bird tickets are just early tickets. These tickets offer a lower price for people willing to buy tickets early at a discounted price. It incentivizes attendees to commit to your event early and builds buzz.
  • Early bird tickets are about showing up early to the event to choose any seat instead of arriving late and finding the last seat.
  • The Regular ticket is the Standard general ticket.

I contacted 4 friends for this exercise. I asked them to book tickets for any comedy show.

After having the friends onboard, I conducted usability testing with them.

  1. Find the Comedy Shows
  2. Book a ticket for an offline Comedy Show in your city.


Findings from usability testing
Findings from usability testing

Painpoints 🤒

  • 4/4 of the users are able to find comedy shows.
  • 2/4 of the users ended up not buying the tickets as they didn’t get any help to understand the the difference between tickets.
  • 2/4 of the users bought regular tickets assuming it has reserved seats or incentives or closer seats even though Early bird tickets are available. (Have their own understanding of the terms)
  • 3/4 of the users have come across the screen “Regular” and “Early bird” tickets available at once that didn’t provide any description about the tickets.
  • 4/4 of the users were confused about the terms as didn’t know what exactly they are, or how they are different.

New Insights 👀

  • 1/4 of the users wants to know the availability of tickets while booking.
  • 4/4 of the users have their own understanding on the ticket purpose.

WHAT is Early bird 🤔

“An early Bird ticket is a discounted ticket that expires before the sales of regular tickets starts. It incentivizes attendees to commit to your event early and builds buzz.”

“Early bird tickets are also First come first served.”

WHAT is Regular Pass 🤔

The ticket which you buy just a few days before the show. It is actually available once the early bird tickets get sold out.

Regular tickets are available even before the Early bird tickets get sold.

  • This creates confusion for the users to make decisions when there is there no information about the ticket.

Business goals

  • Increase efficiency completion rate of booking tickets for the comedy shows this benefits both organizers and bookmyshow.

Framing How Might We (HMW) 💡

To solve the problems, I brainstormed solutions for each HMW’s

  • How Might We help users be aware of the terms used in describing the ticket/Pass?
  • How Might We help users to book the ticket without any confusion?

So I explored and found “BookMyShow — Event Management Tool” is providing a platform for organizers to create and list their events on their Event Management Tool.

I realized that MANY of the event hosts/team/organizers aren’t adding descriptions about the tickets.

To gain access to their Event Management Tool, I have to contact them to gain access to the tool.

Eventbrite – Event Management Tool

Finally after understanding the problems, prioritizing problems to focus. Recommended solutions for Event Management Tool that helps user and impacts business are mentioned below –

“Making the description field for the ticket type should be mandatory in the event management tool.”


“Make the Regular Ticket available after the early bird tickets get sold out.”


This motivates interested users to share the event among their peers/friends to grab the ticket/pass at a discounted price before the early bird get sold which ends up creating a buzz.

How would you approach the problem next time? 🧠

  • Understand and explore more about the problem.
  • Always record while conducting interviews or testing instead of taking notes.
  • Watch the recording and write the transcripts of the interview that helps in finding more insights.

What I’ve Learned 🎓

This is my first UX Research Project, Recently I started learning UX through blogs, videos, workshops and communities. I wasn’t confident at start but being consistent in knowing more about UX made me a curious person.

I learned that We can never achieve perfection either in design or life.

Instead of chasing perfections, I will work towards to be a better version of myself as a designer and an individual.

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