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There is a performance data from the idea box application owned by telkom amoeba. Idea box is a platform for crowdsourcing ideas such as collecting ideas and matchmaking. The idea in Ideabox is not just an idea but there will be investors who fund to realize the idea.

UX Strategy & Design

My role on the project was to analyze the data from Google analytics, to make research plan and write down the insights.

  1. Analyzing Google Analytics

In this phase, I analyzed the month-to-month percentage number increase, percentage of ideabox platform users from their user type and funnel of journey submit ideas, and see which part has the most drop.

The month-to-month percentage number increase

The average percentage increase in the number of users month-on-month from January to March was 8.24%. In January to February, it rose by 7.71%, while in February to March it rose by 8.78%.

This was influenced by new users which from January to March rose by around 30.20% and vice versa in users who again experienced a decrease of 9.02% from January to March.

Percentage of ideabox platform users from their user type

Ideabox users are mostly aged 18–34 years which is dominated by men at 53% and the rest are women at 47% and most of them are in big cities on the island of Java.

Funnel of journey submit ideas

From the funnel journey of submitting ideas, it is known that the biggest drop was in part 5 where 61.37% of the average user from January to March decided not to follow up and not open confirmation on the email

2. Research Plan

  • Research Background: Want to understand the reasons of users who stop at the stage of submitting ideas, as well as the obstacles faced that make them unable to complete the task.
  • Business Objective: – Increase conversions from users so that they can complete the journey to the end
    – Increase revenue because with the number of ideas that appear on the dashboard, more investors will be netted
    – Increase the satisfaction of users with ease when submitting ideas
  • Support Mectrics: Conversion Rate, Drop Rate, Satisfaction Rate, Revenue.
  • Stakeholder Mapping: (Decider: Product Owner Ideabox ), (Accountable: Business Owner Ideabox), (Responsible: Squad Team), (Consulted: Expert Team), (Informed: Another Team).
  • Methods: Survey dan Usability Testing.
  • Timeline:
  • Research Questions: –Why doesn’t the user continue the journey of submitting ideas to the end?
    – What are the difficulties that users experience when in the process of submitting ideas?
  • Research Goals: — Understand why users don’t continue their journey of submitting ideas to the end.
    – Finding user difficulties during the submit idea process.
  • Participants: — Ideabox users and Non Ideabox Users
    Gender: Male & Female
    Age: 18–34
    Location: Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang, Makassar
    – Interested in making innovations
    – Ideabox Platform Users and Non Ideabox Platform Users

3. Screening Questions:

  • Demography: 1. Write Your Email? (Short Answer Question)
    2. Write Your Name? (Short Answer Question)
    3. What Is Your Current Age?
    a. <18, b. 18–24, c. 25–34, d. 35–44, e. 45–54, f. >54
    4. Where Is Your Current Domicile?
    – Jakarta
    – Surabaya
    – Bandung
    – Semarang
    – Makassar
    – Pekanbaru
    – Medan
    – Palembang
    – Denpasar
    – More…
  • Behaviour: 1. Are you a person who is interested in making innovations?
    – Yes
    – No
    2. If you answered yes, write down what innovations have you made?
    (Long Answer Questions)
    3. If the answer is no, write down what makes you not interested
    by innovating? (Long Answer Questions)
    4. Have you ever used the ideabox platform?
    – Yes
    – No
    5. If you answered yes, for what needs do you use the platform
    ideabox ? (Long Answer Questions)
    6. If the answer is no, why are you not interested in using
    ideabox platforms? (Long Answer Questions)
  • UT Interview Willingness: 1. Are you willing to be interviewed?
    – Yes
    – No
    2. If the answer is yes, please written down your contact number? (Short Answer Question)
    3. If the answer is no, what makes you not interested in
    take an interview? (Long Answer Questions)

4. Usability Testing Test

You work for a company. Your company has a program to accommodate ideas that can be realized by investors through the ideabox platform. How can you make your idea visible to investors?

Questions after Usability Testing
1. Tell me how you feel when testing this application?
2. Why did you press the button during testing?
3. What do you like about this app?
4. What do you dislike about this app?
5. From a scale of 1–7 how much value would you give convenience?
use of this application?
6. What should we improve in order to get a maximum score of 7?

5. Emphaty Map

– I thought the journey was over when I submitted my portfolio and got a notification, but it turns out there’s more
– This is a long process too, there are lots of conditions that need to be inputted
– Journey is too long and doesn’t seem smooth because there is a long pause waiting for emails
– The notification does not call for waiting for an email reply for further processing
– Doing prototype input but it keeps failing because you don’t understand what kind of file to use
– Ending the journey only on notification because it is considered finished at that time, even though there are still things to do
– Feeling dizzy, why is the journey too long
– Feeling difficult because they think the journey is over but in reality, there is still something to be done
– It is necessary to improve the journey, especially the pain point when waiting for the email to arrive, because almost all users feel that when the notification appears the journey is complete
– Need to summarize the journey because some users think the current journey is still too long and inefficient

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