My go-to Figma plugins for streamlining design work

Designers know the importance of using the right tools to achieve their creative vision. Figma plugins have been a game-changer, providing new functionality and tools to streamline my work. There are countless plugins available that you can use to strengthen your process and give your project greater functionality. However, with so many options, it could be difficult to find the ones that are best for your project. In this article, I’ll highlight some of the most useful Figma plugins that can help UI/UX designers streamline their workflow and create more effective designs.

Iconify is a comprehensive icon library that contains thousands of icons from various sources. With the Iconify plugin for Figma, you can easily search and insert icons into your design. The plugin also allows you to customize the size, color, and style of the icons.

The Iconify plugin is great for designers who want to add icons to their designs quickly and efficiently. With its vast library of icons, you can find the perfect icon for your project without spending hours looking for it. The plugin allows you to search by keyword or browse through different categories to find the icon you need. You can also customize the color, size, and style of the icon directly within Figma, making it easy to create a cohesive design.

iconify figma plugin page

Unsplash is a popular website that provides high-quality stock images for free. The Unsplash Figma plugin makes it easy to search for and insert images directly into your Figma designs. The plugin provides access to millions of free images that can be used in commercial projects without attribution. It saves me a lot of time when I need to find images for my designs, and the quality of the images is exceptional.

unsplash figma plugin page

Content Reel is a Figma plugin that provides access to a library of pre-made content blocks that you can use in your designs. The blocks include things like headers, paragraphs, buttons, and more. This plugin saves me a lot of time when I’m creating designs that require a lot of repetitive elements. Instead of designing each element from scratch, I can use pre-made blocks and focus on the overall design.

content reel figma plugin page

Stark is a plugin that helps designers create accessible designs. It provides a range of tools that help designers check color contrast, simulate color blindness, and generate accessibility reports. With Stark, you can ensure that your designs are accessible to everyone.

stark figma plugin page

The Icons8 Background Remover Figma plugin allows you to quickly remove the background from images. This is a great tool for creating designs with transparent backgrounds, such as logos or icons. The plugin uses AI to remove the background, and it does a fantastic job of it. I use this plugin frequently when I need to create transparent images for my designs.

icons8 figma plugin page

The Split Shape plugin is a useful tool for creating complex shapes in Figma. It allows you to split any shape into multiple parts, which can be easily manipulated and adjusted. The plugin maintains the original shape’s properties, such as stroke and fills, making it easy to create new shapes that fit seamlessly into your design. Overall, Split Shape is a powerful time-saving tool for designers working with complex shapes in Figma.

split shape figma plugin page

The Clean Document plugin is a valuable tool for streamlining the design process in Figma. It helps to remove unwanted elements and organize messy files quickly and easily. The plugin identifies unused styles, fills, and effects and can also delete unused pages, frames, and layers. Using Clean Document has saved me a lot of time and hassle, making it an essential Figma plugin for any designer.

clean dodument figma plugin page

The Lorem Ipsum Figma plugin generates placeholder text that you can use in your designs. It’s a quick and easy way to add dummy text to your designs, which is helpful when you’re still working on the copy for your design. The plugin provides various options for the length and format of the text, making it a versatile tool for any design project.

lorem ipsum figma plugin page

By incorporating these plugins into your workflow, you can save time, increase efficiency, and create more effective designs. With so many plugins available, it’s essential to experiment with different options to find the ones that work best for your projects.

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