Are you tired of tracking the checklist of your Home Office cleaning? Time to put a checkmate.

Let’s move from ambiguity to clarity.
Dig Dipper
  • Can clean space improve our productivity?
  • Can it be a little quick and simple to accomplish?
  • Although the task may have only required a few minutes if all objects were placed where they belonged in an ideal world
  • My physical environment has a significant effect on the way that we work. When our space is a mess, so are we
  • Every day the amount of time I spend thinking about how to clean my space could have been spent reading a few more chapters
  1. Front View: Power on/ off button, charging spot, charging indicator, cap, bin with a small hole and brush.
  2. Product explodes view: This is to showcase the different parts of the products that can be screwed together to form them whenever required.
  3. Product Placement: Product placement will help us understand how portable it is and the space it occupies. It will be similar to the size of a lightweight paperweight that can be used as a paper holder if required.
  1. Empathizing with users requires lots of experience and practice.
  2. Decoding user’s literal and lateral needs should be interpreted by digging deeper into their behavioural needs.
  3. All user’s problems aren’t worthy enough to be solved.
  4. Ideate more, don’t think about perfection.
  5. Embrace failures and iterate quickly for a better solution.
  6. Validating with users after building any product is essential for long-term success.
  1. Doing better interviews with users, asking more open-ended questions and looking for stories will help me understand users in-depth.
  2. Empathizing with users more and leaving my biases away while building any solutions.
  3. Yet to write my actual product case study, finger crosses🤞

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