Enhancing UX for individuals facing mental health challenges — Part II

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Task Flow: Record of emotions through the app
Task Flow: Book a medical appointment
Work Flow: The path to the home page
Information Architecture
Logo SoulGood
Style Guide
Voice architecture of Soul


We start with an animated welcome screen (splash screen), then we present a login screen, and then we continue with the user introduction process (onboarding).

Voice device
Mood records

5. Test

We conducted a validation test on our application with five users, which provided us with valuable feedback on its strengths and areas for improvement. While all five users were excited about the virtual assistant feature, they found it difficult to locate and activate within the application. They struggled to understand the purpose of the button and they were not aware that calling the assistant would activate it.

By using the Design Thinking methodology, we gained a deeper understanding of individuals coping with mental health challenges, and subsequently to develop an application to assist them in conquering their fears and finding avenues to feel more socially connected. Moreover, we hope to challenge the stigmas imposed by society surrounding mental health through our work.

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