Notification Notification which notification you want?

Notifications are incessant & does not serve the purpose designers think it should.

History of notifications

When there were no smartphones the machines notified us with blinking lights and then some noises with blinking lights were introduced. Blinking lights only could fit certain amount of information in different patterns in which it could blink.

How big is the problem?

Larry Rosen, one of the co-authors of the book The Distracted Mind , says after speaking to app designers that the attention seeking game and destroying our concentration is “just business”. The worst things about it is, there are scientists and theories helping them to get better at distracting us. More notably, Rosen’s research has consistently shown that notifications stress us out — and that constant notifications, beeps, buzzes, and vibrations from our smartphones and computers all contribute to ongoing chemical stress.

  1. Fight for attention: If you look at it as a business owner, even you would not want to get behind in the race of attention seeking. If this is just business, you would not want to lose out on it just because people hate it.
  2. Dopamine disregulation: The dopamine our brain rewards with everytime we follow a notification thinking we can multitask, it start being more and more dependant on extra hardwork which indirectly means gets de-sensitised to normal things which brings us happiness.
  3. Decrease in productivity: It decreases our concentration and hence productivity into almost half. YES!!! half. Which means that we are vastly ignoring the ill effects of notifications and simply living with our less productive self.

Can there be a solution without losing business?

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  1. Attention grabbing
  2. Dopamine releasing
  3. Informative & exciting
  1. Attractive and notice worthy
  2. Brings joy
  3. Interesting and concise

Possible solutions

  1. Notifying them when they are on the phone doing something and phone is unlocked. So many design options can be explored in this scenario, we do already have notifications while we are doing something else on the phone but exploring attention grabbing design and micro animations can really take your game to the next level.
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There is more research and testing required t come up with effective ways of informing users. Because the older way is overused and now everyone just ignores all of them even if there were a few important ones. The above solutions provided are my first stab at exploration of unique notification designs. I am sure with more exploration, we as a design community can come with new unique ways without getting on user’s nerves.



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