Zara website usability research

What is Zara?

ZARA is an international fast fashion company from Spain. ZARA’s products span multiple product areas, from clothing, accessories, shoes, swimwear, beauty and fragrance products.

A majority of ZARA’s customers include women aged 18–35, however ZARA also has clothing lines that cater to men and kids. A brand known for their trend sensitivity, new styles are always emerging in ZARA’s merchandise.

Why we did this case study?

For this case study, our team sought out to improve the browsing experience on ZARA’s website. We want ZARA’s users to have a user centric experience when browsing the website, getting the information they need, and checking out with their items to boost ZARA revenues and increase customer loyalty.

Key takeaways:

  • The browsing experience can be improved, resulting in users spending a longer time on the website with more engagement
  • The checkout process ca be improved, resulting in fewer abandoned carts and more online purchases
  • The newsletter subscription process can be simplified, resulting in more subscriptions

Testing Approach

The tests performed were moderated tests where each participant was required to go through a series of tasks to help us understand the pain points of the ZARA website. Each session required the participant to have their webcam on and have their screen shared so the moderator could observe their behavior when going through the tasks. After the tests were complete, testers were required to fill our a SUS form.

User Study Results

Task 1 Results: Testers spent a lot of time scrolling and expressed frustration about the layout of products

Task 2 Results: Testers expressed uncertainty and struggles to review entered information

Task 3 Results: Testers did not want to interact with the email confirmation after they already indicated they wanted to subscribe to the newsletter

ZARA’s website scored well below average at 35 (68 is considered average) on the System Usability Scale (SUS) — one of our primary objectives is to learn why


Browsing Experience

  • Added a navigation bar for convenient browsing experience
  • Product section layout and dropdown menu
  • Added a “Shop now” CTA for featured products to increase conversion rates
  • Filters redesigned for ease of use
  • Font size increased for readability


  • Consolidated checkout experience with progress bar to show shopper where they are in the checkout process
  • Allows users to reconfigure their items before submitting their order
  • Highlighted section and enlarged font size for improved readability


  • Streamlined newsletter subscription process to remove confirmation
  • Reduced subscription process to 3 clicks
  • Dropdown menu added to allow users to subscribe to preferred category


The usability test of the ZARA website reveals severe issues with ease of browsing, the checkout experience, and newsletter conversion. Participants of the test experienced difficulty in completing the checkout process due to lack of transparency in the process and browsing for items.

Next Steps

  • Testing the high-fidelity prototypes with future usability tests
  • Implementing the recommendations and continuing to work with users.
  • Providing developers with finalized high fidelity prototypes that include solutions, to apply these recommendations

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