Redesigning a UX App —Insomnia Cookies

In my Multimedia Design and Development course, I was required to redesign another app for the Insomnia Cookies brand as my final assignment.

*This project is only meant for STUDY purposes *

Since I enjoy working on creative projects as a multimedia designer, I selected this new venture. I am passionate about logo design, wireframe sketching, digital design, and user experience.

Research and Proposal

I challenged myself to create a redesigned cookie app of how the front of the project will look using Figma Software, rather than Adobe XD. In order to prepare the proposal, I studied the competing applications, determined who my users are, discussed the problems, identified my role as a UX/UI designer, and came up with appropriate solutions.

Project Goal

It is the main purpose of this project to redesign the “Insomnia Cookies” app in order to improve usability and design overall.

I plan to conduct creative thinking research on the cookie app in order to learn more about it.

During the creative process, I’ll create a Design Sprint:

1. User flow

2. Wireframe Sketches

3. Logo brand redesign

4. UI Style Guide or Style Tile

5. Mid/High-Fidelity Prototype in FIGMA software

  • Incorporating the feedback of my classmates, before creating the mid-fidelity wireframes and progressing on to visual design prototyping.




Technology Used:

  • Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Figma Software
  • Resources/online tools: Dribble, YouTube

What are the Design Challenges?

  • The purpose of solving this problem is to sell different kinds of cookie flavours.
  • There is also a plan to design an app that offers and sells fresh cookies, such as classic or vegan cookie boxes, to make it easier for customers to order online and have them shipped across the country.
  • Also, can be delivered online or pickup within the delivery range.

2. Design Questions

  • What is the maximum quantity of cookies I can add?
  • What is the best way to ship my chosen cookies online?
  • My cookie needs to provide users with a shopping experience that enables them to purchase cookies. How will I accomplish this?

Competitive apps:

2. Subway

3. Tim Hortons

4. Big Fat Cookies

Competition Apps Interfaces for cookie app

The Chosen Design Thinking

Using this design technique will help me to develop my design progress including my final interactive app prototype.

Undertsand →Explore → Materialize

Retrospective App- User

Who is your User?

As part of my redevelopment of the cookie app, I will create a retrospective user analysis in order to identify my target audience. Cookie lovers will be my target audience for my redesigned cookie app.

Cookie app Pain points and solution

Also, Following the list of pain points, I included the solution and expanded more ideas for the Cookie app.

Cookie app Pain points
Cookie app solution

User Persona

User Persona

User Journey

Problem Statement Solution

Feedback from classmates and peers

  • The shipping nationwide mode concept works well to deliver cookies on the app.
  • Focus on the main objective of global shipping delivery.
  • Focus more on the target audience.
  • Solve the delivery or nationwide mode more.
  • Optional to add a cookie subscription monthly delivery service.
  • Redesign the Logo brand for the app.

User flow :

User flow


I sketched these wireframes using my wireframe sketchbook as a guide given by my previous professor from my previous semester. This is really helpful in speeding up my project without any delays.

Logo Design brand:

Logo Design brand: Old and New

UI Style Guide:

Mid-Fidelity Mockups

Mid-Fidelity Mockups

High-Fidelity Mockups

High-Fidelity Mockups

Final Deliverables

  • Also, a Figma link to the Mid Fidelity prototype (iPhone 14 Pro Max): Click Here

My Reflection:

I was thinking of creating a new different project of redesigning an App individually after my last project of designing a three series of 15 seconds Nintendo switch motion graphics.

Honestly, I am familiar with UX/UI app design thanks to my Multimedia Professor named Asma Arslan, and I have good skills in that area, having designed Icons, Logo brands, Mid and High-Fidelity prototype designs using Adobe XD software.

It is time-consuming and hard to maintain a study schedule before the final prototype, but it is still worth studying for future UX/UI design jobs.

My professor Kristopher Ohlendorf gave me the challenge to learn the UX software App known as “FIGMA”, and I was able to learn quickly how to use it for creating components and more, and now I am able to use both Figma and Adobe XD software.

What I learned in college is that I must be ready to apply for what fieldwork I want based on my current project.

As my last Assigned project before I graduate from Humber College, I am very grateful to my professor for giving me the opportunity to make more projects during my previous semesters.

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