Why Psychology Is A Key Ingredient To Success? — UX Reflection #5

Week #5 Reflections

💬 Weekly Quote

This week quote comes from the book “Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work”

“Any time in life you’re tempted to think, ‘Should I do this OR that?’ instead, ask yourself, ‘Is there a way I can do this AND that?”

💡 Learned Lesson

“A few months ago, I found myself asking the question, “How can I effectively design and interact with people if I don’t understand them?”

This prompted me to think about how I could better influence others, change my behaviors and habits, understand why people behave in a certain way, design winning products, and make better decisions both in my personal and professional life.

After some reflection, I realized that I needed to deepen my understanding of psychology, which is defined as “The scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context.”

Psychology is a powerful tool that can not only help you design great products but also facilitate personal growth and development.

Here are some ways psychology can benefit you:

  • Understand why people behave in certain ways. Ex: How do stress and anxiety affect our decision-making? Why people might be rejecting your ideas?
  • Make you more curious to ask questions and find relationships between different factors.
  • Make better decisions by understanding different biases that affect our decision-making and how you can overcome these biases.
  • Change your behavior, build better behaviors, and quit unhealthy habits.
  • Design better experiences and solutions that work for people.
  • Influence decision-making and drive change in your organization.
  • Build better relationships with people.
  • Find many research studies about people that can help you while buying products.

By harnessing the power of psychology, you can not only create successful products and solutions but also become a better version of yourself.

📚 Book Readings

I recently finished reading the book “Just Enough Research” and found it to be a valuable resource for anyone starting their journey in UX research or have been working as a researcher for a year or two.

As the title suggests, the book provides just enough information to get you started with conducting research. It covers all the essentials from project planning to conducting and reporting research.

It’s worth noting that if you’re a senior researcher with extensive experience in research, this book may be too basic for you.

🎯 Achievement

I’d say that what I’m proud of at this time is my continuous effort to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Although it’s not easy and sometimes it’s stressful. But, I always remind myself that the stress and discomfort are temporary and it’s the only way to achieve results.

Read the full article here

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