Kitsune Fox: This Web Comic Will Take You on A Mysterious Adventure


Written by Tim Green and illustrated by Matt Moriarty, Kitsune Fox tells the tale of two brave heroes; Lord Pippington and Drakon who went on a mission to battle villains, meeting new friends…then running into more enemies.

If you’re a comic fan, you’ll enjoy reading Kitsune Fox. But you will be more surprised by how this project came to be!

I interviewed one of the creators of Kitsune Fox and got the opportunity to learn more about this project.


First and foremost, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. For those who aren’t familiar with your work, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Thanks for having us! We have Tim Green, the author and I, Matt Moriarty, am the illustrator.

We are the creators of ‘Kitsune Fox’. Myself being an illustrator, I work mostly with cartoons, comic art and children’s books. Tim works in journalism and is a fantastic author.


How did the idea and concept of Kitsune Fox web comic came about?

Well first off, we both live in totally different parts of Australia, so our meeting was pure chance. We have a mutual friend and we were both at this particular friend’s wedding.

We got chatting in the crowd as we were all leaving, then a group of us kicked on at a local whiskey bar for a drink to continue the night. Tim & I got chatting about him being a writer and me being an illustrator, then thanks to social media we planned a meeting and went from there.

I would send through a bunch of random character designs to see if any of them sparked anything with Tim. We settled on two characters that we really liked. An orange fox with a sword and a small grey fennec fox smoking. They evolved into Pip Kitsune and Drakon Fox.

Both Tim & I love creating Kitsune Fox, Tim has a great way of storytelling and there’s a lot of warmth in this story in season one (as well as in future seasons to come). I’m the kind of creative where ideas pop in my head and I sort of throw ideas at Tim “how about this character has a sword” or “they could be missing an eye” or “you know? Then we brainstorm and then later after the meeting, I get an email from Tim full of scripts and it’s like Christmas!


What do you hope your readers will learn or gain from Kitsune Fox?

For me, it’s that comics (& other mediums like gaming or books etc) can be enjoyed by adults and it’s ok to use your imagination as an adult. Things like this can be enjoyed even if the characters aren’t human and without the comic needing crude humour (with saying that, there is some swearing and violence in Kitsune Fox – giving it a mature rating).

I hope readers enjoy opening their imaginations and feel like they can get to know these characters.


What is the one thing you’re most proud of about this project?

I’m most proud of the characters. Both in the script and in the visuals. We have both fleshed them out a fair bit. I personally love drawing these characters.

We’ve taken time and talked a lot about each one and where their stories could lead and what back stories they have and how they affect each other.

All episodes are scheduled to release on a Friday at 8am (Sydney/Melbourne time). Keep Kitsune Fox going by subscribing to the webcomic on

Matt is also a freelance children’s book artist and concept artist. Feel free to support his work on Patreon or view his portfolios at

Thanks for reading!



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