Using Fun to Drive Actionable Insights

One of the biggest struggles I see in UX Research today isn’t with finding the right methodology or analyzing the data, it’s our ability to take research findings and turn them into actionable insights. Much of a researcher’s job is helping stakeholder partners interpret the data to make customer-informed decisions. I’ve found that it’s difficult, nay impossible, to turn research findings into actionable insights if stakeholders aren’t engaged with the research.

But how do you get stakeholders to make time to listen to customers when everyone is in back-to-back meetings and has an inbox full of emails that need answering? One way I’ve found is to inject a bit of fun into the research process! Here are four ways to think about switching up your research:

Get to know your stakeholders

Two researchers in Sounders jerseys sit at a desk in front of a TV screen that shows an imitation Sports Center logo.

Break the rules of what research “should” look like

Research newsletter with a punny intro- “Hey Friends. How you doin’? Don’t worry, we were not on a break. Just thought we would PIVOT to Thursday. I couldn’t be any more excited to share this week’s newsletter with you.”

Embrace your inner dad jokes

Celebrate every win

In conclusion…

But don’t go overboard! Putting time into creativity shouldn’t let you lose sight of the most important thing: making sure to deliver the best insights to your stakeholders as you can. Just be yourself and don’t be afraid to have a little fun while doing it.

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