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We’ve decided to try out a new experiment (feedback welcome!). Every week or so, we’re going to interview someone we respect and admire to hear their thoughts about user research. We’ll publish the conversation here on Medium so we can all learn from one another (tbd if we will all sing kumbaya together as well).

We’re calling this series the “Other side of the table.” Sign up below if you’d like to be notified about new interviews.

more verbose context

All of us who work at User Interviews believe in the ability of conversations to fuel positive change. Hopefully that’s kind of obvious. We don’t head off to work every day to make it easier and more affordable to connect to the exact right participant whenever you need for just any old reason…

Anyways, it dawned on us recently that we’re fortunate to be in kind of a unique position. Our customers basically give us access to a huge network of design thinking leaders from the best tech companies, design agencies, and product consultancies in the world.

So we wanted to see if we could do our small part to help give back to that community of users. And we figured — what better what to do that than interviewing them about their own thoughts on user research?

Plus, if we’re being totally honest, it sounded fun to flip the script on people who are usually facilitating interviews and turning them into the interviewee instead. As in “we’re putting Larry King on the other side of the table” (a touch cheesy and a dated reference, we know).

We’ll learn as we go but we’re hoping each interview will be as unique as the person answering the questions. Maybe some people will want to discuss how they win over skeptics on the benefits of qualitative research and others will get into the nitty gritty around their favorite tools and apps to use to facilitate remote sessions. We’ll see!

If nothing else, it’s always fun to share user research war stories with other people who can relate since we’ve all had a session or two where things went a little off the rails…

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