Designing a Traveler Acclimatize App

Defining Problem

Traveling is very fun, we can see something new and can feel beautiful impressions, but do you realize various tourist attractions have different weather and temperatures that can affect the health and fitness levels of travelers who have just visited that destination.

Why did they fail to adapt to the weather at their destination?

Many travelers are only looking for tourist destinations without paying attention to adjustments to various weather conditions where they visit.

Current Solution

I’m trying to understand in depth why the apps available now haven’t solved the problem and the idea of ​​an app that helps travelers isn’t new when I open the play store, I find dozens of apps that help travelers plan their trips.

Competitive research

  • Most only focus on preparing the itinerary without any item recommendations and financial plans during the trip
  • A trip planner that only features the trip duration of the traveler
  • Popular destination recommendations without giving an overview of the conditions that are there.
  • There is no community, so there is no place for travelers to share experiences with each other’s dos & don’ts or something else.

Purposed Solutions

How can my solution answer the problem

Taking Small Steps Approach

A very complex application turns out to be easy to use with the simpler UI, to create a UI very simple, the need is to follow every step irrespective of the time.

  1. Wireframe
    Wireframes always help me figure out what exactly I want on my canvas. It helps me connect the site’s information architecture to its visual design by showing paths between pages and Clarifying consistent ways for displaying particular types of information on the user interface.

Visual Design

Yeah, almost at the very end, which is making it visible to our eyes. Complete a visual design as well as prepare for a descriptive journey through this design experience.

  • Easy to use and does not make the user overwhelming
  • clean
  • minimal text

Key Results

Thank you for taking the time to see and understand my design process. From my experience, when technology is used correctly it will help in achieving goals and goal kits, as well as UX that makes it easy for users, and pleasant UI will make it even better.

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