Box Deploys Generative AI Tools to Enterprise Cloud Storage Platform

Enterprise software giant Box has introduced a set of generative AI tools collectively named Box AI to parse documents and produce new content. Box AI embeds OpenAI’s large language model API in the Box Content Cloud, joining the rapidly swelling ranks of businesses employing generative AI to streamline their work.

Box AI

Box AI is launching with two main functions. One is a conversational AI chatbot that can answer questions and carry out tasks related to a specific document or collection of documents. The AI can summarize the text, find details like contract expirations, or chart financial trends and survey responses from spreadsheets. The other main use for Box AI is generating new content within Box Notes. The AI can write blog posts and social media posts from a meeting transcript, compose emails for customers, or write an entire draft of a consumer product manual based on engineering specs. Box AI uses a variant of OpenAI’s LLM, like a specialized version of ChatGPT. The model only searches through the user’s documents to respond to queries as a way to avoid hallucinations.

“We are at the start of a platform shift in enterprise software driven by recent advancements in generative AI, and nowhere is the potential impact greater than in enterprise content,” Box CEO Aaron Levie said. “We’ve seen a step function improvement in our ability to analyze and synthesize the massive amounts of data contained within an organization’s unique documents, videos, presentations, spreadsheets, and more. When combined with AI, we will be able to unlock the value of this content and make every person in a company smarter and more productive. Content is an organization’s most important data, and with Box AI we’re just getting started with how we’ll transform the way work gets done.”

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