Value Proposition: A journey into the world of educators

Currently, it is difficult for educators to perceive the Young Geniuses Value Proposition. Most of the time, the perceived difference is just engagement, resulting from gamification. This causes the perception of general value and differentiation to be diminished.

This means that the proposal delivered may not be what users would like to receive.

  1. Make the product scalable
  2. Generate a greater understanding of the platform for educator
  3. Generate more valuable documentation for the company

The great challenge was studied and developed by me, with the intention of slowly bringing the need to have a well-structured PLG, bringing greater efficiency in the operation and scalability of the product.

In order to gain more structure, some design methodologies were used to understand the Value Proposition and thus be able to find the ‘’perfect fit’’.

The methodologies developed were:

  • Empathy Map
  • Creating Persona
  • Value Proposition Map

“I, as an educator, would like to better understand the platform. I don’t see simplicity in it, but I can see the value. I wanted it to be easy to use to take advantage of all the platform’s functionality.”

A dynamic was developed with the Customer Success and Pedagogical Team, in order to understand what our educators: Listen, say, and do, their gains, their pains, what they see, and what they feel. And with that, develop a persona that will be part of the research until its conclusion.

Empathy map

At the end of the Empathy Map, we developed a persona that would be part of the beginning to the end and would permeate our research.

“My name is Marília, I’m 55 years old and I’m a single mother of 3 beautiful men. I’m a Portuguese teacher and passionate about what I do, education moves the world and I couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful profession than this.

I love being with my friends and family, indoors watching some movies and documentaries, or even sitting at a bar table talking about life. And really, MPB and Samba will always be the best rhythms.”

We delve into the world of Marília:

History Marilia´s

The proposed method would be to carry out a form with the internal team to highlight the need for a central understanding of the Value Proposition. And with that, generate results for the general understanding of the search for our fit.

Value Proposition

The most important findings of this research were certainly:

  • The Value Proposition is still very nebulous, the fit is still problematic;
  • Everyone believes in the importance of the Platform, but they don’t see simplicity;
  • There is a great need to have a daily explanation of the platform, directly impacting the Customer Success area.

According to the development of methodologies, there is a great lack of understanding of the Value Proposition, impacting several areas of the business. With that, this case could be a gateway to a new solution: The development of Onboarding, well structured and aligned with the premises of the PLG — Product Lead Growth

At the end of the methodologies and with the results in hand, the Onboarding project undoubtedly needs to be started. With the main purpose of increasingly aligning the Value Proposition to the perfect fit of the business need with the needs of the customers.

I was able to improve my knowledge of design methodologies and project leadership, talk to the product team and bring new solutions and ideas to increasingly improve the solution for educators

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