Amazing UX/UI Design Inspiration – May 2023

Freshly squeezed and for your inspiration this month –  the latest UX & UI design concepts and projects for websites, landing pages, apps and digital watches. View them all in this post.


Rider’s Hub by Hafid Paperpillar for Paperpillar


The Anonymous Chat Mobile IOS App by Purrweb UI/UX Agency


QClay Agency Capabilities Deck by Bogdan Falin for QClay


Crypto wallet – send transaction by Andrey Rybin


vriping by BDCI Design

Head or Tails by Mateusz Turbiński


Text Editing Icons — 001 by Sebastiano Guerriero for Nucleo


Flighty icons by Gavin Nelson


Hora del té by Gilda Martini


Bicycle Parking App by RonDesignLab


Vault Coin: Dashboard by Viacheslav Ksendziuk


Design from File Manager by Zoeyshen


Real Estate agency website by Ronas IT | UI/UX Team


Fitness Mobile Ios App UI Design by Piyush Kumar Singh for Nickelfox – UI/UX Design


Modular Large Complication Concept 4 by yuhang


Shofa by Beka Gavit


Telemedicine Mobile App by Dhimas Mo for Odama


Fitness Nutrition App by Angel Villanueva for Orizon: UI/UX Design Agency


Skin Care Products Landing Page-Awe Beauty by Awe UI/UX for Awe Design Studio


HotelCard Website Home Page by tubik UX for tubik


Bobbob: App Redesign by District2 Studio, Tran Le and Michael B. Luong


recco by Dmitry Litvinenko, Fireart Studio, Sasha Miro and Irina Makievskaya


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