Black Design Guild. Busy Times.

Hey, we’re Tayo, Amelia and Michael. If you’re new, welcome to the Black Design Guild blog. It’s a blog all about the journey of setting up a new programme that invests in the future generation of Black researchers and designers. You can read more about the programme here and catch up on past posts here.

BLOG SIXTEEN: Some random updates

As we hurtle towards the end of this grant period, which will culminate in the Black Design Guild Retreat, we’re busy making progress, in deep design and tying up loose ends. Over the last few weeks you could find us:

  • Finalising all of our ten retreat attendees (whoop) 💥
Tayo and Michael working at Impact on Urban Health, a snap of the retreat transport reimbursment form, a black woman with flower on a advert mock up, an image from the WATBD/ustwo launch event and a picture from the puff puff ministry launch page.
Fig 1. A visual snapshot of the last few Black Design Guild weeks

Over the next few weeks it’ll be more of the same. Juggling our obsession with the retreat with the need to keep thinking beyond June 16th. So to be kind to ourselves during this busy time (while keeping our commitment to ourselves to share in the open every two weeks) we’re keeping this blog short and sweet. Thanks for reading 😀

The Black Design Guild Team

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