Google Pixel Smartphones Will Add Bard AI Widget: Report

Google may turn Bard generative AI chatbot into a widget on Pixel smartphones and tablets, according to a 9to5Google code dive report. Bard is publicly available, but only through a web portal. An Android-accessible version, even limited to Pixel devices, could help the company nab more of the market currently dominated by OpenAI and Microsoft through ChatGPT and the ChatGPT-powered Bing.

Bard Pixel

Though Google hasn’t spread Bard beyond its initial entry point, other tools fueled by the same LaMDA large language model (LLM) have become more available. Generative AI text generators and editors for Gmail, Docs, and other parts of Google’s software suite now offer some version of the technology. It looks like Google is looking to make Bard a widget on the main Pixel screen. What it will do has not been uncovered, though more immediate chatbot interaction would likely be the very minimum of its capabilities. The widget will probably become available in some form on other Android devices, as it wouldn’t make much sense to keep it only on Google’s hardware. Perhaps Pixel users will have earlier access to the widget or some additional features.  More may be revealed at Google I/O next week when the new Pixel smartphone and tablet are due to be announced.

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